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Where have all the good vampire books gone?

  1. amade0
    yay for group =DD!! *does a dance lol~*
  2. freakofspade
    *creepy fanatic look*

    We shall rule the world with vampiritude.
    One day...
  3. amade0
    bohahah >D indeed we shall!
  4. Gwendolen
    Wah...new members!!! (where have I been???)

    Welcome amade0 and freakofspade *hugs*

    Freakofspade, I think vampitude is already on its way to ruling the world *wicked grin*

    Say, I wanted to ask first...I thought of sort of cataloguing my personal recomendations in albums with titles according to the theme or style...
    Because, there are all sorts of vampire and supernatural books that we like to read under a different mood^^ And because I couldn't place Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles in the same category with Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire Series...Although I like both, for reasons as different as the moon and the sun^^

    Of course, once I have created these albums, you are welcome to add anything you have to recommend. What do u think?
  5. freakofspade
    Oooh so Gwendolen, you are the cult leader?
    *creepy fanatic look* I salute you, Cult Leader!
    I think that's a good idea, you should go for it
    and thanks for welcoming me so warmly :')
  6. amade0
    yay for cult!
    personally - i'm an Anne Rice loyalist xD for me nothing compares to her vampire chronicles. i've only read Charlaine Harris' Dead by Dawn but didn't particularly like the story o.0 keep reading it for the vampire smut xD
    hmm.. recommendations.. i read this one book over the summer, Blood Moon by Mike Shade *provided by Isan xD* which was also quite smutty except boy love~ lol it was pretty good for a smut novel *the pairing was vampire x shape shifter though* ahh if only it was two vampires~
    ps Freak: i finished that vampire yaoi manga, Pathos ^^
  7. Gwendolen
    Freakofspade: Hohoho...I'm the Cult Leader, beware!
    Thanks for the title, ye faithful XDXDXD
    You're welcome sweetie

    Now, I'll create the albums, and if there's anything different you'd like to suggest, please go ahead^^
    Under each photo, there is review of the book

    amade0, honey, I've been looking for Mike Shade's 'Blood Moon' for ages^^
    For smut, I also heard it was nice, hehe
    (Don't suppose, eh, you know where I can find it? *wicked glint in the eyes*)
    And of course I'm not comparing Sookie Stackhouse with Anne Rice's perfection, I just wanted to show the difference in style ^^
  8. amade0
    lol of course xD nothing wrong with liking Stalkhouse~ just shared my opinion on it xD *i might actually venture out and see how the other books are in the series out of curiosity xD!* oo and i see something new.. 'A Kiss of Shadows'.. haven't heard of it before - is it good?

    and i can upload Blood Moon in PDF and send it to you if you like *Isan sent it to be .. sent me a bunch of books i still have to get to xD!* i'm starting to read something she gave me called Morning Star to *vampire* i'll tell you what i think of it once i'm done ^^
  9. Gwendolen
    amade0, that would be awesome about Bloodmoon! *Bows fervently*
    oh, and I really don't mind your personal opinions on books and recommendations...
    So no worries, even if you hated her books, it's your opinion, I wouldn't mind *winks*
    I just wanted it clear that there's gonna be a wide range of books here, others better than others^^

    The curiosity about the series is what got me hooked on the Sookie books in the end XD Watch out!

    I recommend A Kiss of Shadows wholeheartedly...if u don't mind the sex scenes^^
    Her writing had me captivated in a minute. And the guys in her books are so gorgeous and mythical. Would u like me to send this book to you in pdf? I have it in lit also.
    (Psst! Are we allowed to talk about sharing books so openly O.O Let me know if we can't lol)

    Isan is awesome, I'm glad I joined Bookworms...reading all those books, it's amazing!
    (I'm a bookworm myself, but I always wish I had more time to read books...which means I don't read enough XD) And I'll wait for your recommendations! *winks*
  10. amade0
    lol sure thing sending it now xD *not sure if we're allowed to post the links to pdf files o.0* PM should be fine though xD we can just talk about the books here and switch off if we want ^^ and i love smut so please do send A Kiss of Shadows xD!
    i'll PM you Blood Moon now~ ^^
    Freakspade - let me know if you want any books to xD!
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