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  1. dexluv77
    Hooray for an Edward Group... er, I mean Twilight Group! <3 I only just saw the movie trailer for it on tv for the first time yesterday... *dreamy sigh* Can't wait.
  2. amade0
    lol - i don't watch TV .. but i've seen all the trailers on youtube =D!

    ahah .. i agree.. it should be an Edward group >D .. perhaps i should change the name o.0! lol
  3. aIshiRoi
    woooooooooah!! thanks deO-chan for inviting me!<33

    hurrah for edwa- i mean twilight group! im so excited for the movie!
    can't wait for nov. 21!! *runs wild*

    Happy Halloween!<3
  4. amade0
    LOL! i know i'm starting my countdown today =D my obsession died over the year and a half since i read the first book.. but now i'm all hyped up again and ready >D *is planning to get a team edward hoodie and already have the movie twilight poster over my bed >D* wheee~
  5. CCvanilla0
    Oh my gosh! Yaaaaay! Twilight group! I'm such a fan *points to ava/sig*

    How is everyone? ^^
  6. VampyreAngel18
    ZOMG, A TWILIGHT GROUP!!1!$#&#37;

    Change the name to Team Edward, and I would love you forever amade0! xDD jkjk

    I'm doing good, though I really should finish the last book. I heard it wasn't such a great ending. =/
  7. amade0
    welcome CCvanilla0 and VampyreAngel18

    lmao - i should have named it team Edward o.0;; i tried just now and have no idea how xD! *added something in the description though xD*

    anyways yayyy movie in like 19 days! xD
  8. CCvanilla0
    Only 19 days? I had no idea. Then it opens 3 days after my b-day *squeals* Lala happy birthday to meh!

    VampyreAngel18 & amade0: I should actually read the last book, just can't find the time though. Team Edward would have been a great name also, but I love this group either way ^^ *checks description* Ah, it's perfect now!
  9. amade0
    haha well i thought' Twilight' would grab more attention xD! but we all know who this group is realllly dedicated to lol. as for the last book.. i'm really not sure what i thought of it o.0 i pretty much wanted to kill Bella throughout most of it.. she just started to annoy me after the 2nd book and it went downhill from there xD it kinda seemed like Meyer read to much fanfiction and stuffed it all into one book! xD ahh well - the end was.. nice i suppose~ lol
  10. CCvanilla0
    Aw, I wanted the end to be really good but I keep hearing that it was really crappy. D: Stupid Meyer. She kind of reminds me of a wanna-be J.K Rowling. Well Meyer's books are good just not super fantastic.
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