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Lily's art

  1. BeachBabe
    lily is awesome!!
  2. KiraLawliet
    I love her art... She is so talented.

    P.S. Can I add some Pictures?
  3. itasasu87
    @ kira Of course you can add photos dear
  4. Tetsu
    Love the art.Its always so breath taking!
  5. Shanagogo
    Lily just makes everyone so beautiful. I absolutely love it when I find pictures she has done I haven't seen before.
  6. KiharuOtori
    Lily's work is just stunning! It's so realistic and passionately drawn, I can't take my eyes from the picture.
  7. Xapphire
    Hi! New to the group!
    I just had to join, I love Lily´s art! I added some pictures I hope no one minds^^
  8. itasasu87
    @Xapphire-Yay!Thank you for joining the group,welcome here

    And theanks for adding some pics
  9. Xapphire
    Anyone else has Lily´s art on their walls? I do
  10. sasunarulove
    i love her art, she is amaizing, simply fantastic
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