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Sad News

  1. Lady_Isis
    Lily is closing this site since she's moving (Changing residence).

    "The memories of seven years of painting are treasures. It was fun drawing the characters you and I both wanted to see.
    For the last picture I tried painting Itachi in my favourite angle and clothes.
    When the day comes that I feel the urge to paint again, I would love to put up another illustration website.

    Thank you for all the people who have watched me and linked me. I'm really grateful for that!"

  2. Xapphire
    No more Lily? It cant be!
  3. itasasu87
    Hey,waut she closed her site!?

    No more Lily....

    @ Lady_Isis:thanks for the translation
  4. itasasu87
    We can still access the site...
  5. itasasu87
    Oh no,Her site is closed
  6. Pervie Priestess
    Pervie Priestess

    I only noticed like a week back or something. I remember accessing her site and then nothing. I didn't know she was closing shop up for good!!! I should have gotten my pics while I had my chance. All my other Lily stuff was on my now dead laptop.

    Now where am I going to get my gorgeous pics of Ace, Dei, Itachi and Madara from?? Huh? HUH?!?!?!?

    First time I ever saw a Lily pic was in the album of a friend and I was hooked. And now will life go on? I don't think so it looks pretty bleak from here on out. Well at least I still got my Kubo working on the Bleach stuff and Misashi doing the Naruto stuff and ACEN's coming up. I guess I'll live.

    Thanx Lady, for the news.Tis sad as ever though!
  7. Lady_Isis
    I have most of her pictures (if not all) on my computer. If you want, I can upload them and then post download link.
  8. itasasu87
    @Lady_Isis-Yes please
  9. Lady_Isis
  10. itasasu87
    Yay thank you very munch Lady_Isis!!!!
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