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Elricest or unconditional brotherly love

  1. tightgrip
    Basically post here if you like Ed x Al, or Al x Ed, or both.

    Personally I find armorcest kinda weird. ^^'
    When the Elric brothers are in the flesh they just look too damn cute together.
    Shota is fine by me, with this pairing.
    There were some ambiguous moments in the manga/tv series, like when Ed is trying to say "something" to his little brother but is scared of how he'll react. Don't tell me I was the only one to see a double meaning there.

    So give your opinion on the subject, if you feel like it.
  2. chibidevil18
    I think the whole Elricest thing is fine with or without Al's armor
  3. KittyLitter
    I have absolutely no problem with the incest in general, so when I saw the whole anime (especially the movie when they get together T__T) I was so moved by their close relationship!

    I love elricest but as tightgrip said the armorcest is a bit weird xD
  4. uniQ
    I don't think I have enough blood to sustain the hotness of the mere thought of possibilities with this manga/anime/everything-with-them-involved.
  5. Daeva
    I like Elricest <3 But yes, I prefer to have them both in flesh and bones for conventional smexings XD
  6. TieriaErde
    There's no Elricest in my opinion....They both have been through alot, so it's more like unconditional brotherly love.

    Besides, what would the Colonel do if he knew his lover was doing things with his younger brother?
  7. naedeany
    He would make a pot of coffee and wait his turn...or join what's not to like. referring to the everyone over 18 three some. so much to do and so little time!
  8. zero11
    Well, I watched the first anime dubbed and there's one line that always screamed Elricest to me: after they helped Gracia give birth to Elysia (read: flailing around and panicking), Al says to Ed: "It's strange. We've been right beside each other all this time. But I can't remember what your skin feels like, or how you smell."

    As for armorcest...it can be really hot if done right. but most armorcest doujin makes it weird, I'll admit. I've read one or two fics that do a really good job with it. I actually kind of prefer it for the, uh, angst factor
  9. Sessinara
    mhh...I think I prefer both in flesh...it's not that I don't like this armor thing but I can't really imagine...
  10. mermydgurl
    I like a good Elricest fic or doujin, but I have to agree. The whol amorcest thing is a little creepy. Flesh and bones is better, mainly because they're so darn cute together! I think what sealed the whole Elricest thing for me was when Al basically told Ed in the end of the movie that he wanted to be with him. Just the cutest part ever! *squeals* Elricest is cute!
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