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Who do you like better with Ed? Roy? Or Envy?

  1. RabidYaoiOtaku
    ^^ I really think RoyEd is cute and all but Waiiii I looooooooove love love EnvyEd or Edvy as they call it ^^ I have a fetish for enemies hooking up xD Other than than I'm a RoyEd fan too! ^-^ I just like ed better with Envy
  2. Se7enBishie
    For some reason, the Ed/Envy hookup seems awesome...then again, it'd be weird, since it would technically be an incestuous relationship.
  3. Lishrayder
    RoyEd is yummy ^^ But sometimes, whenever I need some SM addiction, Envy is the best =))

    Ah... and I'm getting into LingEd lately XD They're so cute together :">
  4. Kloudy_Reignfall
    I've never liked Envy all that much in any pairings... RoyEd is more my cup of tea.
    (Y'know, come to think of it, doesn't Ed have any friends?! Most of his good pairings are antagonistic in one way or another. ^^; )
  5. Elric88
    Hmm, I'm more attracted to Roy than Envy, so definitely EdxRoy.
  6. RabidYaoiOtaku
    ^^ thanks for ur imputs!
  7. chibidevil18
    EdxRoy is a better pairing
  8. KittyLitter
    I can't say that I don't like one of these pairings, but RoyEd sure is my favorite <3
  9. TieriaErde
    I like Roy x Ed, but I'm going to say that out of the three Roy conquers all. =^.^=
  10. captivated
    i'm a fan of both but there's just something about edxenvy that appeals to me. i find way more fics for edxroy though. can anyone recommend me some delicious ed x envy fiction?
    @Lishrayder: wow i'd never really considered LingEd before. they'd make a really good couple! *floats off into fantasy land*
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