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Who do you like better with Ed? Roy? Or Envy?

  1. 3Pride
    RoyEd, of course
    But I like HavocEd too and a threesome =P
  2. spreet
    Tough call...I'm gonna go with Envy. There's so much you could do with the couple x3;
  3. Xapphire
    RoyxEd! But Lately I have really been falling for the cuteness of EnvyxEd, cant help it^^
  4. riemi
    RoyEd ~ Although...Envy...would get riled up at that... After all, it's Envy we're talking about...
  5. tightgrip
    At first I wasn't much into RoyxEd, and then EnvyxEd would have more angst. More angst = fine by me.
    When it comes to Roy I like him more paired up with Hughes.
  6. ladySakuyaKira
    I dont like EnvyEd cuz there brothers, i only like incest when it comes to Inuyasha but generaly I perfer Ed with Roy
  7. Sessinara
    I'm for royxed, too...but favourite character is Envy...(I like enemys more than Main characters :P)
  8. VampireGirlFMA
    I love RoyxEd! It was the first yaoi couple I fell in love with and no matter how many years pass I still love it xD
  9. ScarletValley1
    I prefer Envy over Ed but that's just my love of bad guys
  10. erson
    hahah for me as long they r happy fine with me hehh
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