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FMA (TV 2) - Airing in April, 2009

  1. RainSprite
    The new Fullmetal Alchemist series airing date has been confirmed - April 5th, 2009.

    So, what do you think about this? Looking forward to it? no?

    From my understanding, this series is supposed to follow the manga (first series didn't follow the manga very closely), I'm not sure how much of a difference that will be, but I look forward to it. Also, same voice actors for Edward and Alphonse in the first FMA series have been confirmed to voice act them again in this series - not that it matter much with me, because I'm used to their english dubbed voices.

    number of episodes for this series is still uncertain.
  2. Shades22
    well personally i'm looking forward to it... out of many of the anime i watch FMA in english wasn't that bad but as for it staying close to the manga i dont mind if it doesn't b/c then when watching with friends u can pick out the differences together lol
  3. mizu_chan
    I'm counting down the days my friends~
  4. kimblee18
    I won't be watching it, for sure. I think they need to know how to leave well enough alone. The new series is going by the manga, which means many differences; some of the characters I loved from the original won't be in this bit, names will be different, relationships will be explored more... no. I'm just against it.
  5. tightgrip
    I can't wait, I actually prefer the manga to the first TV series!
    Especially volume 13, that part with Al was awesome, I can't wait to watch it on screen!!! xD
  6. RabidYaoiOtaku
    I'm very excited ^^ I hope theres alot of envy *-*
  7. mizu_chan
    saw first episode a few days ago, it was epic!
  8. Xapphire
    I saw the second episode today^^ I´m totally in love with it already!
  9. Lishrayder
    The 1st ep somehow was a disapointment to me ' ' I thought it were more accurate ^^" But the 2nd one is really awesome XD I like the conversation between Door of Truth and Ed. It made me chill ~_~.
    In ep 3, everything has turned back to its normal way. The Lior event was similar to the original work, but I like the breaking idea of letting Rose point her gun on Ed and ask for the philosopher's Stone!! So dramatical!! XD

    ah... when Ed talking to Cornello in his room, he sat on the table, dont know why his laughing voice made me think : "Oh man... he's totally a hot girl!!" =)) even though he's more manly than previous series XD

    Finally, Roy turned into an absolute-uke this time LOL.
  10. Kloudy_Reignfall
    I heard about this a week or so ago (on Fansub.tv) but can't really find much information about it.
    Is this season/series supposed to be a direct sequel to the first series, or is it going to be something more like a spin-off?
    People are saying it's supposed to follow the manga more closely (I confess, I wouldn't know, as I don't read the manga), so does that mean they are going to change things they've already established in the previous season, or are they just going to find ways to add the new information?

    And does anybody know which, if any, fansub group plans on subbing this? (Geez, I hope they use hardsub AVIs. I'm sick to death of softsubs and MKVs.)
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