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FMA (TV 2) - Airing in April, 2009

  1. Xapphire
    Kloudy_Reignfall: Well I got episodes 1-9 in avi subbed by Eclipse, if that if of any help to your questions:P
  2. tightgrip
    I can't watch episode 14...
  3. KittyLitter
    I've downloaded the epsodes from crankitanime.com (you don't have to create an account to download from there)

    They're waiting in my hard disk to be seen xD I don't know if it's only my idea though, but I feel that I can't watch it. I've watched the first 5 or 10 minutes of the first episode, but everything is so different from the original FMA. Roy's voice is different and I think the art is not that good... But I guess I'll get used to it. xD
  4. Xapphire
    I have watched episodes 1-21 and so far I love them, the old show was good but I really like the fact that they are fallowing the manga more closely
  5. yaoi1fangirl
    fma brotherhood = watched all the ones that are out and cant wait till 24
  6. Sinnesspiel
    Anyone else majorly dissapointed by the new series? I love the manga, so theoretically anything that follows its story is nice, but Roy's been made into a total girl, Ed's lost his grit, and half of the female cast are drawn as if they have Downs Syndrome...
  7. Sessinara
    I have to admit that I haven't seen this anime till now...I begun the first episode but it didn't catch me...perhaps the second is better but momentary I don't see it...
  8. Xapphire
    So the last episode is out and I´ve finished watching, I liked the second series more mostley because it stuck to the manga very well
  9. Sessinara
    mhh...i have to watch that!!! >.< buy now I'm busy watching Gravitation and Kuroshitsuji...v.v
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