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Fullmetal Alchemist

  1. Blue

    thanks for the invitation! I'm a big FMA fan too.
    My fav pairing is Roy/Ed. ^^
  2. MasterFranny
    hello, group ^^ I accept the members invite because I love FMA to death I especially love Ed, Al and Envy (sigh. I am so predictable).
  3. mizu_chan
    Yay! Fma is my drug!
  4. ZSP
    Wow, I'm really glad you made this group, NeonRose223 ^^ Thanks a lot for dedicating it to me also I actually thought my group was up for deletion, since I never got around to promoting it or anything...
  5. lucifairy
    ^__^ Thx for inviting me!
  6. chillipepper
    wow, this group is really... new...??? Well, there aren't so many posts... anyways, I'm joining. I really love FMA, maybe except for the ending... it's not that I really hate it, maybe when I read the manga, I will... but it's kind of... can it really be called an ending?
    Then here's a question for all of you... what's your favorite character? I personally really like Envy and then Roy, but there's like no character I really hate... the plot is so well made that I can't hate anyone here... everyone is so human... even when they're inhuman, they're like human beings with human feelings and all...
  7. mizu_chan
    My favorite characters are Roy, Alfons, Lin and Russell *grin* I has lots!
  8. Kanda Luna
    Kanda Luna
    I was invited and surely accepted it :3 I should share some of my pics.

    Oh,as you can see,my personal favorite pairing is Elricest,but I appreciate almost all of them.
  9. mizu_chan
    I agree with Tsuki no Renkin! Elricest is also one of my favorites, but I love so many different pairings. My most favorite of all though is AlEdHei!
  10. lucifairy
    In fanfics I prefer Elricest too, but in doujinshis I like RoyEd XD
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