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Fullmetal Alchemist

  1. mizu_chan
    chili: (mind if i call you that?) Well, i planned it out so once Saphir and Alfons on in Amestris Saphir begins learning ice and water alchemy while Alfons tries to develop a way of using alchemy with his rockets. So I technically using both ideas.
  2. InkscrollAlchemist
    @chillipepper: sure will do. my sn was based off this anime. and my tag/nick name for years was Ink. for for art and writing skills. rught now i am working on a college students' paper.
  3. chillipepper
    @mizu_chan: I actually love "chill" the most... but it's usually taken... even my website is named chill - chill.sekai.cz (well, you won't understand a word of it since it's in czech... sorry... :P) but you can call me anything... as long as it's not sweetheart, I don't really like that... 8-DDD
    by the way... maybe you posted it here somewhere, I don't really know... but shall we get to read your story...??? O
    @InkScrollAlchemist: Wow, so you really are like an InkScroll Alchemist... 8-DDD Well, good luck with your paper.
  4. mizu_chan
    @chilli: when ever i get the first chapter done. I would get it up faster, but I've got so much home work! *hugs Sapphire-muse, sobbing* High school, how I hate thee!
  5. InkscrollAlchemist
    @chilli: it's someone else paper. I charge $10 a page.
  6. chillipepper
    @InkScrollAlchemist: Isn't that cheating...???
    @mizu_chan: where are you from??? I had tons of homework in America but strangely enough, even though I think the level of education is better here, we don't get that much... but we have to study harder for the quizes, exams and such... but I'm in college now... I'd love to write something too but I don't get that much time here...
  7. mizu_chan
    @chili: Texas. But I'm in all advanced classes. Tomorrow is Saturday, so I'll have from about 5:20 to 9:30 in the morning to work on it!
  8. InkscrollAlchemist
    @ chilli: well... that doesn't weigh on my mind much. I get paid for it.
  9. YoungGun
    Hello everyone, I have just finished watching FMA and really loved it. Glad that I found this group
  10. InkscrollAlchemist
    YAYAAY!! no one seems to come here...
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