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Fullmetal Alchemist

  1. mizu_chan
    ummmm...I'd be one that worked with water...or maybe sound waves.
  2. chillipepper
    well, alchemy is the real thing... but the interpretation in FMA isn't... :P
  3. mizu_chan
    @chilipepper: I assume she means the FMA interpretation...seeing as this is the FMA group...

    Besides, the FMA version is so much more fun!
  4. InkscrollAlchemist
    *doki* *doki*
    FMA FANLAND!! Lmao
  5. chillipepper
    yeah, the real alchemy was pretty much what we do in laboratories here... but believe me - studying biochemistry can be fun too... I can tell... 8-DDD
  6. InkscrollAlchemist
    @chilli: I had bioCHEM. I liked it a lot better then Chemistry.
  7. captivated
    chillipepper: i meant the FMA alchemy. i really don't enjoy chemistry or biochemistry. i'm dreading doing 'biology of disease' next semester and that only has a little chemistry in it.

    InkscrollAlchemist: hello! interesting username, are you a writer?

    mizu_chan: cool choice. i think i'd want to use the earth and plants.
  8. InkscrollAlchemist
    @captivated: yes I am. I also draw comic strips.....i have no scanner so i can't edit or post them online.
  9. mizu_chan
    captivated: i based my choice off the evolution of Sapphire. She was originally going to be a water alchemist and her second name was going to be 'Aqua Heart' but I later decided working with glass and sound waves wasn't nearly as common and thus cooler. So in stead of 'Aqua heart' she's 'Broken Voice'
  10. chillipepper
    wow, captivated, you had a good guess there... cool, I could never do that... 8-DDD
    @InkscrollAlchemist: Cool... I really like the idea, when you get a scanner, let us all know...
    @mizu_chan: Wow, I really love your creativity... I like the first idea too... well, you could have used them both, you know...
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