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Fullmetal Alchemist

  1. captivated
    @mizu_chan: wow, i see. thanks, that clears things up heaps. i can't wait to read it. Saphir sounds really cool, she must be if ed falls for her.
  2. mizu_chan
    @captivated: She is, unfortunately, she doesn't come in until a lot later in the story...
  3. chillipepper
    wow... somehow I can't catch up... 8-DDD but I'm really looking forward to the second series... well, Saphir and Sapphire... their names are so similar, is it a symbol or something???
    @captivated: I think Izumi, Ed&Al's teacher, is pretty upbeat and energetic... 8-DDD
  4. mizu_chan
    @chilipepper: Saphir is german for Sapphire. I figured since Alphonse and Alfons were so similar, then I should make Sapphire's alternate self have a similar sounding name.
  5. captivated
    @chillipepper: you're right! izumi was one of the best characters of the series. she isn't really energetic in the sarcastic, occasionally cute older sister sort of way though. shes more like a motherly figure, don't you think? harsh but loving...
    @mizu_chan: that is really clever. if you hadn't said so, i never would have known. thanks for telling us
  6. mizu_chan
    @captivated: My pleasure! Saphir Hawkins = half German, half Irish. She must really love her beer.
  7. captivated
    @mizu_chan: but she'd be able to hold her drinks well. what sort of drunk is she?
  8. chillipepper
    @captivated: Guess you're right... well, but anyways... I don't think I've ever met this kind of mother - not to mention this kind of teacher... 8-DDD
  9. mizu_chan
    @captivated: not sure, I don't think she ever gets drunk...but if she did, she'd proabably be one of those drunks who don't seem drunk until they're passed out on the floor.
  10. captivated
    @chillipepper: oh, i'd give anything to have a teacher like that (to teach me alchemy of course). i wish alchemy were real.
    @mizu_chan: lol, i can picture that. it makes her kind of cute.

    hey, if you were an alchemist, what do you think your specialty would be?
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