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  1. mizu_chan
    @captivated: yes, I haz a roy plushie. My friend got it for me for my birthday

    but umm...i asked if you had any ocs...original fanmade characters for FMA...
  2. chillipepper
    oh... we both misunderstood... I'm always afraid to ask what the shortcuts mean... sorry... but I guess I don't have any then...
  3. captivated
    @mizu_chan: oops. sorry, i'm terrible with abbreviations. i haven't imagined new characters for FMA before. what have you come up with?
    @chillipepper: you just made me realise, i have heaps in my room to give away my anime/manga addiction. i've got an OHSHC wall scroll, a chobits wll scroll, a code geass poster (still haven't watched all of that series), a deathnote poster, a shelf of manga (all of which - except for OHSHC - are BL) and shelf of anime dvds
    i'd definitely go sightseeing via canoe. is the weather nice there? i haven't seen much of rurouni kenshin but what i did see, i liked. after exams i'll set out to watch both peacemaker kurogane and saiunkoku monogatari... and maybe a few of those others as well. thanks for the recommendations!
  4. mizu_chan
    @captivated: I have this one oc, she's a state alchemist named Sapphire Hawkins. She's about two years older than Ed. Then theres her other self in Munich named Saphir, who works with Alfons. I luvs them to death.
  5. captivated
    @mizu_chan: what does Sapphire Hawkins and her other self look/act like? do you write fics including them?
  6. mizu_chan
    @captivated: Sapphire has black hair and blue eyes and she wears glasses, and she's really energetic and acts like a sorta 'big/little sister' to everyone. Her alchemy centers around glass and sound waves and such. Saphir looks just like her, only she has brown hair and green eyes. She acts a lot like her, only Saphir is more prone to rants than Sapphire. and yes, I'm writing a fanfic with them.
  7. captivated
    @mizu_chan: they sound like really cool characters. there isn't an energetic, upbeat female alchemist yet in FMA so they'd have their own niche and the idea of 'little/big sister' rather than 'protective and motherly' is refreshing. is she a cutesy type or sarcastic and mischievous? i'd love to read your fanfic when you're finished
  8. mizu_chan
    @captivated: depends on her mood. Typically she's sarcastic but when she's around Roy (they're secret lovers) she tends to get more cutesy. Around her subordinates, she's definitely more sarcastic. Saphir on the other hand, isn't very sarcastic or cutesy, she's kind of Edward's wake up call. I'd be happy to pm you the link when ever I post it on fanfiction.net.
  9. captivated
    @mizu_chan: *gasp* secret lovers with roy, i'm nuts for this character already! and ed's wake up call makes me curious about her. how is she his wake up call? please send me the link when you do
  10. mizu_chan
    @captivated: When Ed first meets Saphir, he's reminded of Sapphire (who he had a crush on) and begins to spend more time with her as sort of a sort of substitute for Sapphire. One night he gets drunk, and Saphir is taking care of him while Alfons is away. He mistakes her for Sapphire and basically molests her. She kinda sorta smacks him and goes ranting about how he's hurting the people who care about him by seeing them as pale reflections of his loved ones back home. He admits to her that he did originally only spend time with her because of her resemblance to Sapphire, but ended up falling in love with her instead.

    Does that clear things up?
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