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Fullmetal Alchemist

  1. hanabananna7
    Thank you for the invite! ^_^
  2. mizu_chan
    @captivated/chilipepper: you're right. 'Tis my shota-puppy Fletcher Tringham! I <3 the Tringham brothers, I really do. I'll miss them in the new anime, seeing as they were from the novels instead of the manga.
    Incase any one needed a translation "Otra vez soy el uke??" means "Why am I always the uke?" and my answer is 'cause he's too damn cute to be the seme.
  3. chillipepper
    @captivated: You got that right... yeah, I'm Czech and I'm pretty proud of that...
    and hey, you named like most of my favorite animes, maybe except for Minami-ke... not that I don't like it but I just didn't have the patience to watch it all the way through... it's mostly for guys anyways...
    and and I'm glad I guessed right, I really love his alchemy - maybe because I just love nature and green color... but I didn't remember the name... well, I'm terrible at remembering names... 8-DDD
    @mizu_chan: Kind of reminds me of COLOR... 8-DDD by the way, are you Spanish...???
  4. captivated
    @mizu-chan: kyaaaa! that is so adorable i didn't realise that they didn't appear in the manga. their alchemy was so beautiful, i'll miss them too.
    @chillipepper: wow, the czech republic. somday i'd love to go there. what is it like? yeah, i'm new to minami-ke but i really like it so far. it is cute in that 'lucky star' sort of way (i have barely seen any of lucky star but it seems kind of similar). you're right though. i'm not addicted to it they way i am with my other favourites coz i can watch them in a straight marathon but i usually only watch an ep of minami-ke every now and then. thats why i listed it last. i keep getting distracted by yaoi (btw so happy about the release of ikoku irokoi romantan ova 2! ) its cool to find someone with favs in common. what r ur others?
  5. mizu_chan
    @chilipepper: nope. American, born in bred. I'm taking spanish as a foreign language tho. I just happen to find this lovely avi on the interwebs.
  6. chillipepper
    @mizu_chan: Cool. I've had Spanish in America too (yeah, I've been there for a year as an exchange student and I even graduated there... ) but I almost don't remember any. However, I had Italian here for five years straight, so I pretty much understand most of the Spanish. And I had French too... now I'm learning Japanese, dunno about how far I'm gonna get though... 8-DDD but it would be nice if I didn't need subs while watching anime and stuff... maybe for the next FMA season...??? O

    @captivated: Well... it's nice here and we have a pretty good tradition of canoeing and stuf like that... not anything wild, we don't even have a real wild water here, but just for fun... everyone gets envious of our culture in that way... and our castles... you can't really find those just anywhere... I'm pretty patriotic in a way... (almost never listen to Czech music, though...)
    well, my favorite animes... MoNoNoKe, Peacemaker Kurogane (even though it's not BL, you can really imagine a lot there... ), Chrno Crusade, Mai HiME&Otome, Ghibli movies, Gravitation, Saiunkoku Monogatari (well, my sig can tell... ), Ai no Kusabi... well, there's so much... I don't remember all the good stuff I watched, not to mention everything including the bad stuff...
  7. chillipepper
    btw, guys, I got pretty offtopic, sorry... :P
  8. mizu_chan
    meh, what evs. *snuggles Roy plushie* Does any one here have any fma ocs?
  9. captivated
    @mizu_chan: you have a roy plushie? so cute. i want one! i have two toy elephants named after the elrics. the big one is edward and the little one is alphonse. (lame, yes but it is really fun to say that i sleep with my arms wrapped around ed)
    @chillipepper: CR sounds lovely. i really like canoeing - i'm no speed racer at it though. and i've never in my life seen a real castle. its settled, someday i'll have to travel there. ghibli movies and gravititation i love, ai no kusabi was great but i've never seen peacemaker kurogane, mai hime&otome, chrono crusade or saiunkoku monogatari - there are a lot of very attractive bishies in your sig though, so maybe i'll watch that next
  10. chillipepper
    @mizu_chan: I barely have anything that tells the people I'm an anime fan... it's a volume of FAKE and four volumes of Fruits Basket, nothing more... but... yeah, of course I have something from FMA, I just remember. I got a keychain with Ed at a festival... so yes.
    @captivated: We do not race that much, it's just for fun and sightseeing. Yeah, definitely watch it and Peacemaker Kurogane too, you're gonna love it. It's historical, maybe a little like Rurouni Kenshin (oh, and I love that too...) and it's fun, exciting and dramatic.
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