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Fullmetal Alchemist

  1. mizu_chan
    Daen doujinshis are my favorite for Roy/Ed, for Elricest I like Mulberry.
  2. kimblee18
    I'm a MaesxRoy and ArcherxKimblee fan. Hi everyone!
  3. captivated
    hello everyone! i just joined. FMA is the best... i can't believe there aren't more members :O i'm an ed/roy and ed/envy fan ed, envy and ed's sensei are my favourite characters. i have a question - how did everyone react to the announcement of the second series? i have really mixed feelings. i'm overjoyed because i want to see more but also a little anxious because i love it so much and the first series was so amazing, i don't want to be let down. but i am happy.... i think
  4. mizu_chan
    I was really excited when I heard about the second series. It's supposed to be more based on the manga than the anime, which means Ling will pop up.
  5. chillipepper
    @captivated: Ed/Envy might be an interesting pairing... actually, as for the second series... I heard it's supposed to go more according to the manga (guess I heard right if mizu_chan agrees too...) than the previous one so it could be good... but if they fail, I'm gonna commit a suicide... I kinda can't imagine the story after the end of the movie... so it would probably be better to let this story be...
  6. captivated
    its chillipepper! *hugs* talking to you in groups is fun - you're like a familiar face now i haven't read the manga *is ashamed* but i've heard all good things so if the new series will follow it, i have faith in the plot no, don't commit suicide! they can't fail! i agree though, i can't really see where the story will go from here... oh, and ed/envy is just delicious

    mizu_chan: your avatar is soooo cute! hmm.... who is this ling? you've fed my curiosity now, i'll set out to read the manga!
  7. Shades22
    thanks for the invite .... he he he ....
  8. Traceless
    thanks for the invitation! XD
  9. chillipepper
    @captivated: thinking how far we are from each other (CR is right on the opposite side of Earth from Australia...), that's pretty good...
    ok, we could pray it's good... there's not many good animes nowadays anymore... I like the old ones and when I watch the new ones I just get the feeling it's not that great anymore... the jokes get old, the plot is used many times and you just can't find what you want... so if people say the manga is great, what choice do the anime makers have?
    as for mizu_chan's avi... I'm not 100% sure but I get the feeling it's one of those kids that were mistaken for the Elric brothers (or to be precise, they were saying they actually were the Elric brothers...) the one with the "tree" alchemy...
  10. captivated
    @chillipepper: i'm so embarrassed to ask but what does CR stand for? czech republic?
    my favourites are a mix of old and new animes - fma, cowboy bebop (they're my two tops, probably of all time), wolf's rain, chobits, samurai champloo, melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, ouran high school host club, avatar (yeah, technically not 'anime') and minami-ke. but i guess i can see what you're saying. sticking with the manga is probably the best thing for them to do. that way they'll stay loyal to the story, especially in terms of quality.
    oh and you're right, i think mizu_chan's avatar is fletcher tringham (the younger 'other elric brother').
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