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Fullmetal Alchemist

  1. chillipepper
    Hi, I'm back! I just finished watching Brotherhood... and... wow! It's so much better than the first season! Everything! I mean... there's not a single character that doesn't fit, everything makes sense and things are actually moving. I have to admit I'm a big Roy fan... although I don't pair him with another male character cuz it's just not in my nature to make slash pairings, pardon me for that. But I also do like Ed a lot. (And Al too - he's actually pretty cool in the Brotherhood series.)
  2. Himmelmez
    Welcome back!
    yay another FMA Brotherhood fan
  3. Hinodechan
    hey i am new here ..nice to meet you all ^^idk if u know that but they are making a third season ^^ and i am too a botherhood fan ^^
  4. Himmelmez
    a third season??? O__O whaaaat?? For real??!
  5. Hinodechan
    sorry..i missunderstood it..because in youtube ..they show a trailer and said third season but they were sorry because it is a failure it is a full metal game
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