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Fullmetal Alchemist

  1. Xapphire
    Just watched FMA Brotherhood episode 48, they are really sticking to the manga I like this one so much better then the first series!
  2. Edokun519
    I love Brotherhood, it's the best! >w< Both animes were awesome, but i'm liking how the new one is turning out just because I love the manga so much.
  3. riemi
    the manga just ended! Ahhh, the ending was epic! But it was really sad the series ended... I was waiting for more things to be done!
  4. asphy_xiation
    RoyxEd forever!
  5. Xapphire
    So how does everyone feel about the ending of the manga?
  6. Himmelmez
    Well.. except for the Elcic kids... the ending was OK. But I'll never get over the fact that EdWin was made canon
  7. Sessinara
    hi there.^^ I'm new.

    and my favourite pairing is Edxroy...how else could it be
  8. riemi
    >: no more RoyEd moments... *sigh* there's gotta be a good royed fanfiction out there. Anyone has suggestions?
  9. Himmelmez
    Well, I've got PLENTY XDD I'm a huge Roy/Ed fan myself... what kind of thins do you desire to read?
    And do you have a LiveJournal account?
  10. xxInnerHollowxx
    I was so sad when the manga ended...but the ending was AWESOME! Much better then the ending from the first anime series
    I'm a huge EdxRoy fan...they're so cute
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