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Fullmetal Alchemist

  1. mizu_chan
    @kepompong: Thanks. That one's from me. X3
  2. kepompong
    Hahaha, sorry about the long intro

    @Mizu_chan: The picture really is gorgeous. Is ScarXEd your OTP? Do you draw any other fanart?
  3. mizu_chan
    I didn't draw it...found it on the webz, so please do compliment me for it.... Acturally Scar/Ed isn't my OTP. If I had to chose one though...it'd probably be either Ling/Ed or Elricest. My OT3 however, that ones easy: Alfons/Ed/Al
  4. r3wind
    Hi!!! New member here.

    I love FMA. It's one of my favourite manga/anime series.

    I didn't join until now beause I didn't know there was a group *bangs head on desk*
  5. Xapphire
    @r3wind: Welcome!^^
  6. KittyLitter
    hello there =D
    I'm a new member too! FMA is the first anime series I've watched and I love it!
    I was looking for this group -somehow I was sure there would be one about fma <3-
  7. TieriaErde
    I love FMA alot.
    It was one of the first animes I saw and it immediately suck me in.
    My favorite character would have to be Roy.
  8. Daeva
    I'm probably a minority here, but my favourite pairing is Archer/Kimbly, from the first anime version :3
  9. naedeany
    Hi! I'm New! love FMA! Glad to be here!
  10. naedeany
    oh ! my favorite paring is Ed/Roy
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