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Fullmetal Alchemist

  1. Mazoku
    lol, Pee with excitement? Wow. You should know about Fanfiction.net then. If you don't then thats where you find all the smexy ficcys you could want.
  2. mizu_chan
    adultfanfiction.net is even better though...livejournal has a lot of good communities for fanficiton and fanart as well.
  3. Mazoku
    Yeah, I have been meaning to get an Adultfanfiction.net account. I keep forgetting, lol.
  4. Ausaria
    Oh yesss. I do know of the fanfiction sites, I lurk them like a crazy pedo. <3

    I'm really a sucker for catboy Ed as well.
  5. yaoi1fangirl
    waah its fma!!!! i absolutely love FMA going on my 3rd year of fangirl yaoi love for it and its STILL my absolute favorite roy/ed introduced me into the yaoi world and i wouldnt give it up for anything
  6. kepompong
    @yaoi1fangirl: HA! You posted before me! I'm beaten... I'm hurt. I need Roy and Ed smex to cure me. *sneaks into Roy and Ed's room in the height of their passion.... and killed by Ed*
  7. Mazoku
    Haha, Welcome people! Smexy thread, ne? Who are your favorite couples?
  8. kepompong
    Roy/Ed! Definitely Roy/Ed! *points at avi and signature*
    Actually I kinda pair Ed with almost everyone but Roy/Ed is still number 1.

    I think They have one of the strongest chemistry out of all the other pair. They kinda hate each other but still care about each other as well. And then there's the commander/subordinate and the age gap that just smells of trouble. I like somewhat difficult relationship. The hardship they have to go through only make their love stronger.

    The thing is Ed's personality and issues is really attractive to be paired with most of other character. I mean he and Al has that deep brotherly love that for some people can be seen as more. Al is the sole purpose of Ed's existence and aim. And the forbidden "incest" can spice it all up. Although, incest is not actually my cup of tea, I have to say the pairing is pretty attractive.

    Another is Ed/Envy. I honesty adore the pair quite a bit despite their rather fanon nature. This one is made of pure anger, hate and envy. You can say, it's my stress relieve. When I want tension and not much else, I escape here. I know it's seems pretty shallow but it's because I don't have much experience here. I would welcome any rec of this pair. Of any pair actually.

    Sorry for the long winded introduction. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!
  9. kepompong
    Btw, the scar/ed picture is gorgeous!
  10. Mazoku
    Wow......You sure had a loooong speach, lol. Ed X Envy for the world!!
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