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Fullmetal Alchemist

  1. mizu_chan
    welcome reiran. Any favorite pairings you'd like to share?
  2. reiran
    >>mizu_chan : thanks! my fav pairing is..of course Ed x Roy!!
    Then Al x Ed, Envy x Ed, and Havoc x Roy..
  3. Mazoku
    @Xappire: My absolute favorite pairing is EnvyXEd. Though I do like EdXRoy. Those are my two main pairings. I like some others but those take the cake^-^
  4. Xapphire
    @Mazoku: I agree EnvyxEd is really sweet, most fanfics about them are really good and I do love the fanart! (Big Envy fan)
  5. Mazoku
    Yeah! *In agreement* Envy is just too cool! I like his true form too, even though he seems to think its repulsive.
  6. mizu_chan
    Mazoku: *laughes* me and my buddies pair Envy with Alfons Heidrich from the movie...it's very odd, but amusing.
  7. Xapphire
    I like his true form as well I like everything about him
    Oh, Envy and Alfons Heidrich, now that is intresting
  8. Mazoku
    Yeah, that might be a cool pairing. I'll have to check it out^ ^
  9. Xapphire
    I think I´ll join you^^ sounds to intresting to pass
  10. Ausaria
    Elricest and RoyxEd are my favorites.

    But honestly, any time I see ANYTHING with Russell or Alfons, I almost pee with excitement.
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