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FMA cards in ishop

  1. CSMars
    Hello my fellow FMA lovers!

    So far we have Hughes, Mustang, and Ed in the iShop and some of us want to see more FMA characters because, let's be honest, they're all pretty f*cking amazing!

    So there's a pool going for a Havoc card right now in this social group:
    aarinfantasy's YAOI Collection - iShop Card Funding and Pooling

    I'm also thinking of submitting cards for Olivier and Hawkeye because I absolutely adore the strong female charas in this series.

    So if anyone's interested in contributing or have comments, leave me a visitor message or head over to join us in that pooling group! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Edokun519
    Havoc (L3) Has been submitted! He should be made available sometime soon <3

    Other new cards in the IShop: L1 Pride, L2 Envy and L2 Greed/Ling.

    And I'd love to see Olivier and Hawkeye in the Ishop! <3 And an Alphonse. Would love to see Alphonse *^*

    And Scar and Miles and Bradley and Breda.... >> So many I want
  3. Himmelmez
    I really, really support the idea of having more FMA cards in the iShop! >//< I recently got hooked on FMA again thanks to Brotherhood and I loooove it to pieces XD So I'd gladly throw in some points, only things are that I don't have that much points yet, and.. I like the design of Brotherhood better.. I like the idea of Al, Olivia and Hawkeye cards but I'd rather (first) try to make a new Ed card..
    Anyways, are there any plans?

    Edit: But what reaally would be cute is a Black Hayate pet card... <33 Unfortunaly, pet cards can't be ordered with points.. *sigh*
  4. Dee_
    Kimblee, Kimblee! Ohhh, that would be a good one. :3
  5. Himmelmez
    are you guys all in the cards pooling group?
  6. Edokun519
    Personally, I would probably die of joy if we could get a L10 Roy Mustang card in the Ishop from that episode towards the end of the brotherhood anime/manga where (SPOILER)he kills Envy and goes all scary faced and whatnot.(ENDSPOILER)


    And Black Hayate pet card would be adorable If anyone is friends with Aarin maybe they could suggest it to her?

    I don't have too many points to spare, sadly x.x I spend them all on hosting card giveaways and such. Kimblee card would be smexyyyyy. I'm currently hoping that the AF Faery Garden will choose to submit at least one FMA card from the suggestions they received.

    /does want Olivier Armstrong card SO HARDDDDDDD.

    It'll match my sig :'D
  7. CSMars
    update on the iShop for FMA charas:

    Ed, Mustang, and Roy as before;

    New cards:
    Lv1 Pride, Lv2 Envy, Lv2 Greed (version 2, aka Lin), Lv3 Havoc;

    upcoming cards: Al (FINALLY!!!) but we don't know what level Aarin will make him. Actually I don't even know whether he'll be armor-Al or human-Al.

    Also, fundraising for Olivier has been fairly successful! We're on lv9 already so we'll see! *crosses fingers*
  8. Edokun519
    New cards: L5 human Alphonse Elric

    Upcoming Cards: L3 Zolf Kimblee (anime), L9 Olivier Armstrong and L10 Edward Elric

    Upcoming Cards to be: L10 Roy Mustang (still collecting points)
  9. Himmelmez
    OMG Lv10 Ed card *____* <333
    And how are collecting points for lv10 Roy going? Are you collecting points in the social group?
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