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Other FMA pairings

  1. Daeva
    RoyEd and EdAl supporters are definitely the majority of fandom, but what about the other pairings? Is there another pairing you love or your OTP is pretty unconventional ?
    I myself am a supporter of Archer/Kimbly, from the first anime version, Archer being my fav character... Looks like I can't get any eyecandy from Brotherhood OTZ I'm also a fan of Roy/Havoc (I like to throw Riza in the middle, too XD) and Envy/Greed (yes, I like my Envy on top XD)
  2. Xapphire
    I have a softspot for KimblyxEd and KimblyxScar (in my dirty little mind)
  3. tightgrip
    @Xapphire: KimblyxScar? xDD
    Hmm... I should check if they have ScarxKimbly djs...
  4. Xapphire
    @tightgrip: Yeah I know, haha, not to many pair them up^^
    I havent found any djs with them so if you do please let me know
  5. vampyuuki14
    am in love with ed&envy also ed&roy
  6. Xapphire
    GreedxGreed came into my mind last night, and with that I mean old Greed x Ling Greed, I dont know why but I found it pretty hot, In my own twisted little mind anyway
  7. Xapphire
    Oh I just saw the thing people have seen between Envy and Kimblee!
  8. Edokun519
    Havoc/Royyyyyy <33333

    But I also adore original anime!Kimblee x Roy, Scar x Miles, Miles x Olivier Armstrong (omg I know, a hetero pairing xD)

    I saw a fanart of Roy/Envy, too, that confused me but intrigued me at the same time o.o
  9. 3Pride
    Uhm, other pairing?
    JeanxEd, KimbleexScar, KimbleexMiles, JeanxRoy, MaesxRoy, ArcherXRoy (I see this... yes °°), ShouxRoy (And this...) and BradleyxRoy (I see this too!)
    But my OTP is RoyEd - EdRoy XD
  10. Sessinara
    ohh maexroy! I'm absolutely for it! I love both and I almost cried as Hughes died
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