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  1. riverpeach
    heheh... i like havoc/roy..... cant say i mind a havoc /roy /hughes sandwich though.... i guess in my mind roy is total uke material unless he is with ed.... all of these men are just to sexy for their own good. roy and ed is a favorate though. i want to see some miles fics, perhaps with kimbly? ahaha....
  2. ColdRain
    ^ How I couldn't agree more <3
    I'm a lil' torn between Huges and Havoc, but the latter eventually won out
  3. SECU
    @Sessinara ; I'm the same with you! I love Maes Hughes X Roy Mustang They're both very sensual, handsome and manly men I'd have seriously paired them in the anime if Roy hadn't had feelings for Riza and Hughes already had wife and child (his child was cute x3) and Riza/Roy is also a goot pairing, even it's straight-pairing but I find them cute somehow, they complete each others^^
  4. erson
    hi i'm a new member i hope to chat with u guys well i luv royxed and also some envyxed and i wanna try some lingxed too hhehe tnxs
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