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Miss Voila

  1. hioca
    ink: *sits down and pulls you into my lab* well big brother is listening so tell me tell me whats your new place like? can i see your art works?
  2. InkscrollAlchemist
    @Hioca: I am renting a two-bedroom apt. for $1,000.00, which for New York is a steal. I am now deciding color scheme and trying to get phone and internet connected.
  3. renaru
    ^__^ just letting you know Yuki, that i am marrying my uke tomorrow
  4. hioca
    on ren!!! you are merried!! congrates sorry i wasnt there to see it, so hows the lucky uke?
    Ink: OOO what colours are you thinking about?
  5. shinemoonmine
    Onii-chan: nii-chan not here... *fastly kiss you in your lips* we will be like that my dear but i will fik my BAKA laptop
  6. TohrunoSabaku
    I would just like to apologize to everyone for neglecting you guys. Right now work, college, and family are stressing me out, so I barely have time for myself. I would like to apologize to my uke and seme. I don't mean to be neglecting you guys. (bows) Anywyas, I just dropped by to say hi.

    @ren: Congrats! I'm happy for you! ^^ I hope you two have a happy married life!
  7. hioca
    Fully:*picks you up and walks into the captains cabin and shuts the dorr* there now no one will see us *licks the side of your neck and then hugs you* please hurry and fix it ok
    tohru: we understand make sure you dont get over stressed alright your seme and uke still need you
  8. InkscrollAlchemist
    Hey loves. I see no one's been on the ship for quite some time.
    I have neglected my post but due to the fact that no one has been here since February i can assume I will be forgiven. lol.

    Tohru-chan: I feel u. Same going on with me.

    Hioca: I miss u!! I have had no time to play with my art work at all....
  9. shinemoonmine

    this ship really a goust ship

    ALL of you
    Wake up
    lets do our best to steel some gold i have map here Loook

    But the capiten NOT HERE TO
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