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Sound Off!! Semes and Ukes

  1. Urei
    I am an uke.
  2. Kuro_Death13
    geez, can't i be both. . . jk
    most likely seme, but uke's not bad either
  3. Aeli
    me? i would be a uke hands down, i'm not the domenate type.
  4. Noroxi
    uhmm, room for another uke? :P
  5. Dada
    What about a Suke? Sweet like a Uke but Cold like a Seme too: I'm a Suke! ^///^
  6. shinemoonmine
    Me Uke............

    but what mean suke......?
  7. Trinket
    I'm a uke, apparently an innocent or clueless one by quizzes I have taken. However I have also come up as a Romantic Seme, which I don't think are the dominant type? I really don't get it, but I do feel more like a uke.
  8. Caelum17
    I'm a Uke, according to the tests I'm a Bad ass Uke. I can be Seme once in a while. But I perfer being Uke.
  9. mermydgurl
    Hi everyone! I'm kinda both, but I tend to lean more towards the Seme side.
  10. Deebeekyu
    Uke....a naughty one btw~
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