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  1. YoruHakase
    Hi everyone!
    I'm just curious about your favs tv shows... I'm such a busybody. :9
    (Is that the correct word? OMG, I'm a totally ignorant... Shame on me!)

    About myself: I really love The Walking Dead (but I prefer the comics), Doctor Who (my favourite tv show ever!) and Supernatural.
    Lately I've started to watch Once Upon a Time and it's a great show, but I don't like too much Snow'n'Charming (he's such a dumbass, damn it!) team and I prefer Regina (love her!) and Rumple in his "bad boy" version.

    Following my Arthur Darvill obsession (oh my, I just love how he played Rory the badass roman in DW xD) I'm watching also Broadchurch: it's so touching! ç_ç I love Tennant's role, his brilliant (but my most favourite performance is he as Amleto: amazing!) and he makes you feel sad and amused on the same time.

    I'm watching also HIMYM (Barney is legend -wait for it- dary, legenday!) and TBBT, but I'm not as amused as I was one year ago, especially about TBBT: I don't like the last episodes, I think Amy' chara is just too much annoying with all of her jokes about being arroused and everything. I hope the writers will "improve" her character's psychology, because actually I can't stand her. ;_;
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