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  1. EpitaphOfTwilight_Ce
    this is where you now can put your ad's for rping
  2. Vinya
    position failed...
  3. hexboy
    I would love to play my original character Pipiril. He is from a high fantasy setting but could be found anywhere. I've been playing tabletop games since the 80's, so I know how to play. The one character trait about Pip is that he is shy.
    yahoo: hypnoboy_x
    msn: hypnoboy_x
  4. yaoi4eternity
    I want 17+ I like hardcore sex!you guys gotta be ok with bondage and me dominating your ass.im not sure if im seme or uke to be honest but i do prefer to be dominated but i can dominate too.I like it rough and wet.No emos please!i prefer to be dominated by girls but either way is fine.
    yahoo: anbuninja_01
    msn: u_anime
  5. Sabre
    I'm looking for an RP partner with a flexible schedule, a decent grasp of the English language, good grammar, spelling, literacy, punctuation, etc. etc. who is open to things like borderline non-con, 18+, angst, drama, etc. I'm willing to RP in several different fandoms, with the exceptions of Gravitation, Naruto, Harry Potter, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc. I prefer original characters or even RPS (real person slash). I usually play seme, so if you're willing to play uke, that'd be great, but really, if you're more of a dominant RP-er, I see no reason why it wouldn't work.

    If that sounds like your cup of tea, you are MORE than welcome to message me via MSN or email me at Sabre@theartofdrowning.net.
  6. llPIXELll
    Hey, I'm Pixel.
    I generally play uke, but I like to think I'm fairly flexible when it comes to playing seme.
    I there isn't too much that I won't roleplay, so I'll just put the "will not"s here:
    - Catboys, or furries of any kind. They just weird me out.
    - Shota... with very few exceptions (I will do teacher x highschool student)
    - Real people... unless you succeed in convincing me otherwise.
    - Television series. I don't even watch TV. D:

    Currently craving:
    - Cid x Vincent (Final Fantasy VII)
    - Kratos x Yuan (Tales of Symphonia)
    - Student x Student
    - Band mate x singer

    I'm also open to any suggestions. :3

    Pretty flexible when it comes to content rating as well. If you want to keep the smut to a minimal level, fine by me, but if not, well... kehehehe. >:3

    Interested? PM me for details.
  7. fireandice88
    *looks up* oh yeah i'm looking for an rp partner who is patient and willing to use orginal characters because this will be my first fictional piece.
    Ummm...what else....oh yes i want to play the uke and so i need a seme. i'm pretty new at this so i need an experienced writer who will be patient with me. i was thinking for the story it could be about Angels and Demons, devils etcs. stuff like that. If you don't like that i'm willing to do something else and i just want to do orignal characters, just to make it clear.
    About the...smut *blushes* anything is fine with me.
    If you're interested PM me and we can talk about it.
  8. darkfox907
    hello to start im a total uke i like to be over powered
    but i need some one pacient becuse im intermidiate with rping
    i can do most types of rps including*turns red *smut ones
    any way mail me if your interested
  9. Yoai
    *poofs out of no where* Hiya me ish like teh biggest uke in the world! so yes i'll be needing a seme

    I'm okay with furries and all that, i think there pretty cute

    And style i like Original settings not like naruto or w/e, and i like fantasy

    As for expierience, i am a bit on the newer side, I am very literate so i do not have a problem in that catagory, Nontheless i need someone who is mildly patient with me, as i get more comfortable with RP'ing.

    If you think im your type, Message me i get on alot so it wont be more then 3 hours that i reply to you at most
  10. Vinya
    Hello everyone!

    Now about the fun part. I role-play for two years already and having several partners become picky. Have few rules I stuck to before starting RP.

    18+ ONLY! I Role-Play mature themes and situations.
    No god-mode. It's so Mary Sue and kills the plot.
    No virgin ultimate ukes. It's my most sensitive point. Guys behaving like rape victim during his first time it just pathetic and artificial!
    No emo. Don't make your chara miserable and me dealing with him!
    Original characters only! I prefer to play with my own toys. And multiple characters, the more the merrier!
    Paragraph posts. Safe one liners for chat room.
    I like my fair share of smut, even kink, but too much sex tends to bore me. I prefer focusing on emotions and relationship, not constant screwing.


    Angels and/or Demons - but as supportive characters not leading.
    Angst – Balanced is mostly required.
    Drama and Action – It helps character to develop and mature.. So expect killing, drugs and even rape.
    Supernatural – I don't mind few gifts but don't make your chara god alike!

    I really don't bite. Okey, sometimes. I'm honest person. Just wanted to make things clear so no one is disappointed in the end. If you're still willing to give it a try PM or email me.
    YIM: vinya_anshee
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