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  1. greentea
    Hello all!

    I'd love a long-term RP partner, with a flexible schedule and preferably with experience RPing and already knows the general do's and don'ts. Literacy is a definite must. I'd also prefer my partner to be someone who's 18+ as well. And hey, it'd be real nice if we could be friends in the long run too.

    A few things about me that I should get out in the open first is that I've a weird schedule, so there are times when I could be online for 12 hours straight and then when I won't be around for 2-3 days. If this is something that annoys you than it won't work, we most likely won't be finishing a single RP log in a day or even a week.

    The second thing is that I hate RPing over instant messaging. I like long tags, third person, storybook format. It'd be great if you'd like posting over LJ too, so I can archive them, but I'm cool with playing on another forum or on google docs.

    Annnd, that's about it! Now onto the types of RPs we could do:

    * I like plots and build up, rarely do I ever do plain smut logs.
    * I have no squicks, take that as you will. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then nevermind.
    * I am willing to do fandom characters as well as original ones. (though if we do fandom characters, please be IC! )
    * I do not like RPing with cliche uber ukes with the big teary eyes and what not & actually, I don't like RPing with anyone who insists on playing ukes only. :\ Or girly boys, just no.

    Wow, that was a pretty long post But if you read through all that then you're most likely someone I'd like to RP with. Please message me or send me an e-mail at tearlesereph at gmail dot com and we'll chat more!
  2. Fuuyu

    I'm currently looking for a RP partner with a flexible schedule. I'm available mostly 24/7 weekdays and around more than 12 hours weekends. I intend to find a long-time RP partner.
    I'm a smuke so I work either way. Also I'm quite open-minded and I'm willing to do any kind of roleplay which can go to plain yaoi to eroguro and such, I can go from +13 to +21. Please have good grammar, spelling, be creative and such, and only English please. No godmod semes or extremely girly ukes.
    Also I can go from any fandom to original characters which can either way be designed by me or we could design it together to fit the stories. Please no emo characters or cliche tragic pasts.

    Fandoms currently interested in:

    *Axis Powers Hetalia

    Note: If I don't know any fandom you'd like I'm gladly willing to make research on it and do my best.

    PM if you're interested. MSN live.from.auschwitz.
  3. Trinket
    Hello, most people tend to call me Trinket. I've been roleplaying for twelve or thirteen years now, on and off. I can post multi paragraphs, but often I'm somewhat lazy... so one or two paragraphs is the most I usually post unless I feel like I should add more, especially if it feels like I hadn't covered everything in my reply. My only real problem with grammar is that I tend to comma splice, over-use of commas. I post in third person, past tense, novel format.

    I more often than not tend to play as a uke, as I don't think I'm that good at playing a seme, but that doesn't mean I haven't or wont try again. I just am more comfortable playing the uke role.

    I am only comfortable role-playing with people 18+, in case the roleplay ends up going in an 18+ only direction.

    I'm pretty open minded, but there are a few things that I just will not do. Here's the list of's
    Don'ts: Shota, bathroom sports, vomit, necrophilia, bestiality, furries, real people, incest (except for cousins).

    I prefer stories to be character driven, with at least a small plot of some kind. Just sex is boring and doesn't get a story anywhere. I like to read a good story and I like to at least try writing one alone or in a roleplay.

    Where I generally role play is on forums or over messengers. However I do have a livejournal account and would be willing to role play there as well. I'm pretty flexible, especially since to many people messaging me at once can get confusing.

    Also I'm not online every single day for every single hour all the time. I might be sometimes, but I do have real life issues, concerning my health mostly that I have to deal with. Just a heads up in case something like that wouldn't sit to well with anyone.

    I will play multiple characters, because then while I might enjoy playing a certain uke, I can also play a seme (or at least try and develop my seme skills... but my seme's are usually the romantic kind type, but I like to try writing other personalities...) I also have some plots that could be tweaked if you'd like to read them.

    I'll play some AU's, but I'd prefer to keep IC with characters.

    Current Cravings:

    Morinaga x Tatsumi (Koi Suru Bo-kun)
    Author x Anything (Original, and where I will try writing as a seme...)
    NowakixHiroki (Junjou Romantica. This seme, because he seems the type I might be able to play best at concerning seme)

    Sorry for the length of that heh...but if you're interested feel free to PM me or reach me at my e-mail lady_trinket at live dot com
  4. Jolliapplegirl
    Jo, im looking for an rp partner whose here often. Though my weekdays are limited since i have school, im here all day after that. I have no qualm about 18+ so that's not a problem. I do have a few things i wont delve into:Shotocon (not my cup of tea)incest (cousins are under debate)bestiality (its horrible that im aware of its existence)vomit (seriously, what the hell s up with that?)nercophilia (its just a tad bit creepy)gangbang (not fun for me)and fisting (i dont know how its physically possible but i dont like it.)My preference is pretty vast, save for the list above. i like just about any idea. whether i uke or seme is hard to say. I like the mature stuff but im a bit shy so dont be surprised if i figet. i dont have many fandoms im particually interested in but if you sugewst one to me and if i know it well, i can do that. i like playing as an original character so dont ask me to play another character.If youre interested, please pm me. :")
  5. KazuhikuKitsune
    Before I even start saying what I am looking for and hope to avoid, I would like to make one thing clear. I have a life outside of this community. If we get an rp started I will post when I can, which may only be a few times a day. I'll try to do more, but I do have other responsibilities and things to take care of. Also my health is not.. the best, so if I say I'm not feeling well, please be understanding.

    Now that that unpleasantness is out of the way. I am looking for a long term rp partner, someone who is willing to either work on one plot, or a series of one shots. While I am able to rp as established character, I prefer original ones. I'm not some huge grammar-nazi that is going to loose my cool over a few missed capitals or run on sentences but I do ask that you at least have a basic knowledge. My settings preference is fantasy, modern or a past age is okay, but I tend to try to get things accurate.

    If you have an idea for plot, then feel free to send me an IM. Otherwise I'm more than willing to come up with one we both like. As for other do's and don'ts... again, send me an IM. If you need anything else, well... I don't need to repeat myself by now do I. The below profile is one of myself.. but I do have other characters.

    Name: Kazuhiku
    Nicknames: Kazu, Red, Kitsune

    Age: 20
    Build: Slender
    Height: 5'5"
    Hair color: Red
    -Type: Straight
    -Length: Short
    Eyes: Gray
    Complexion: Pale
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Race: Kitsune
    Current Residence: Studio Apartment

    Strengths: Strong willed, loyal, creative, determined

    Weakness: hates confrontation, jumps to conclusions, quick tempered

    Likes: Relaxing with friends, reading and listening to music, calm and quiet

    Dislikes: being rushed and/or put on the spot, loud crowds, drama and those who create it

    Distinguishing marks: Tattoo on upper left arm
  6. shumku
    Hello everyone,

    I want to start off bye saying I have a mental problem that makes spelling a bit hard so grammer is a no biggy for me. I just have to understand what you mean. Ok so on to what I'm looking for.

    I've been rping for close to seven years now so I'm. Pretty good at it. With that being said I don't not care if you are new or old to the game as long as you can keep up the story.

    I only rp with OC's.

    -No no's-

    No one word replies. If you don't know where to go on with your cara just talk about his mood, what might be going on in his head, or enter in a new side cara.

    No text talk! I hate it in real life and dislike it more when its used in place of a word. If you don't know how to spell it, sound it out. I do. (Or just google it).

    I'm not into scat, piss, vore, or beastiality. So don't ask.

    - ok things.-

    I'm always up for twists. I belive that the story is just a blank sheet. We can try new things and if it dosent word, REDO butten!

    I'm normally a uke but I've learned how to be a great seme. So I may start as one thing but hey who knows where the rp will take us.

    Saddly I'm in a rough spot right now so I can only rp on here in pm or email. If we rp on here it will be a bit slow. Email is a lot faster for me.
    So if you up for creativity and having fun send me a PM. I look forward to meeting some great partners.
  7. Veros
    I like to rp with my ocs currently im using Iza he is view-able in my profile picture and avatar art if your a grammar nazi you probley wont like rping with me my grammer is lacking a bit. I dont do fandom rps they just dont feel correct . contact me with questions and such also im submissive so theres that.
  8. emkip
    Well, Not sure if anyone will notice this, as the last post was a while ago, but:

    Hello, I'm looking for an RP partner who has a flexible schedule, and can RP often. I appreciate proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, the whole nine yards. I could work with an uke as well as a seme (but would prefer to be the uke) My favorite fandoms include Hetalia, Bleach, Kuroshitsuji, Yu yu hakusho. As of late I'm primarily searching for a Russia, so In tandem I will be America (RusAme is what I'm into right now) My America is quirky, capricious, and can be quite impetuous, but he can be serious, too. If you're interested, then I hope we can have fun together ^_^
  9. kamiokamisama
    I'm not sure how active this is anymore, but I figure I'll give it a shot!

    Hello all, I am Kami no O-Kami-sama (you can call me Kami) and I am looking for roleplay partners (though I personally prefer the term "interactive fiction co-authors"). I have done third-person prose-style "play by post" format roleplaying on forums in the past, but lost the writing bug and got out of it for some time. Now, after a two year hiatus, I am really feeling a strong call to write again, but I'd rather write things more closely to my interests, and being a horribly rotten girl, BL happens to be one of those interests. I'm a literate writer and do my best to provide quality posts with minimal errors (but I am human, and take a lot of medications for a persistent pain condition, so I'm not going to lie and say some don't slip by me from time to time). I also take pride in getting responses back in a timely manner, especially if I get really engaged in the storyline. I have quite a bit of time on my hands these days that I'd really like to fill with a nice cooperative BL writing project!

    So, what I am looking for...

    -I play in a "play by post" format, prose-style, third-person, and am looking for co-authors that follow that format and are literate in the English language (some typos and minor grammar errors are expected from both parties, so don't worry about that!). My modus operandi for posting is using Google Documents (with both co-authors having View/Edit privileges to the same document). I expect the basic law of interactive fiction: PCs (player characters) cannot be controlled by the other player in any way, such as actions, dialogue, or thoughts, but NPCs (non-player characters) may be controlled by both co-authors equally. I will play either seme or uke when it comes to characters; it honestly doesn't matter to me! (Though I personally prefer "flexible" characters rather than ones that fit tidily into those tropes; but whatever floats your boat). I also enjoy having multiple characters as the storylines progress; the more the merrier!

    -I have no problem writing NC-17 material, however, I also equally enjoy threads of a more mundane nature, to build the story and flesh out characters, too!

    -I really love world-building; creating a little sandbox in which new characters can easily be plopped down and new RP opportunities can then be explored. My favorite genres are those of the fantastical nature -- science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural -- basically anything that is a bit different than this world, though I am flexible. I don't mind using pre-existing worlds from anime or other fandoms as my sandbox, but will only roleplay using original characters in that world; I'm not interested at all in roleplaying as any existing characters.

    -I have a... particular fetish, and I'm sensitive enough about it I'm not going to post it here, but if I had a co-author that was openminded enough to scratch that itch, even if just on occassion, that would be amazing... but it certainly isn't a requirement. (The particular community for this fetish is pretty much all straight men so, no help looking for BL co-authors there, unfortunately!) And I have very few squicks myself, so I'd certainly be willing to scratch your back if you scratch mine, so to speak. (Offhand, the only things that really come to mind that I would not write is anything dealing with human excrement, and M-Preg. And though I don't hate them, I'm not into Furries... humans with animal ears and tails are fine by me, though!) If you are still curious, and you know a little Japanese, my username is a big ol' hint, but this is something that would be discussed if I have any serious takers. And again, it's really just an extra sort of thing. I'm certainly willing to take a good co-author even if they aren't willing to satisfy this little itch.

    -I want a co-author that is reliable. I would really like someone who would want to be in this for the long-run, and isn't just looking for a short-term enjoyment, as this is something I really want to do for the long-run. I'd also really like someone who could at the very least return a decent sized post (3-4 paragraphs, if not more) at least once a week (but more often than that would be even better!) I also am looking for a co-author that is over 18, given the nature of what would be written, and is a bit non-judgmental when it comes to the age, gender, and sexuality of others, and well... would perhaps like to actually be friends. That would be a nice touch. Making friends as well as having fun creating stories full of amazing BL would be very fulfilling for me. ^_^

    If you are interested, please contact me, either by private message or, preferably, send me an e-mail: kamiokamisama [at] gmail [dot] com.
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