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***Rp Haven*** "Let's RolePlay"

  1. EpitaphOfTwilight_Ce
    Hello there

    *[Uke][But can play Seme]
    *I Love All Type Of Themes. I Will Tell You If i Hate It
    *Currently In The Mood For Prince/Guard
  2. Hitomi Kanzaki
    Hitomi Kanzaki
    About me:
    - Seme
    - Any theme is good
    - Mood: some devil character, maybe vampire or Shadow King (if you know what I mean)
  3. Deandraquin

    I've never done a role play before.
    I'm not sure what fits me best, but I hope someone
    will help me figure it out XD and after I figured it out
    I'll put up my preferences
  4. HentaiHanyou
    Hey there! I've never really done what you would call a formal role play - where you outline every little detail - but I RP constantly rather informally... In a more personal setting. Does that makes sense to everyone?

    ~Don't care about the theme
    ~Character names please! And of course, I'd like an idea of what you (character) looks like.
    ~NO FURRIES. Tails/ears are ok though.
  5. yaoifanboy17
    hey evry1, I joined awhile ago but I never introduced myself

    Details on me
    *I love supernatural themes but others are fine as well
    *Let's have fun ^_^
  6. CharismaticSin
    I've RPed before and certainly enjoy it. I'm always looking for someone to RP with.

    * Seme or Uke
    * Theme-Anything
    * Current craving- Human/Neko(cat ears and tail) [me]
  7. versora
    Hello, I joined a couple of days ago and enjoy a good RP. Fell free to PM me if you like.

    *Seme or Uke
    *Theme- Vampire, But I'm not too picky
    *Currently looking for Hellsing RPers (I know it's weird)
    *Can play Canon (or at least I'll try, I have preferences) or OC (Original Cahracters)
    *Not really important, but I am a girl
  8. lovelessbeloved
    Hiya! I'm-
    *long time Seme, but Im also good at uke.
    *i LOVE Vampire, but I'm up for almost anything.
    *looking for anything or anyone
    * just want someone who is not gone ALL the time.
  9. EpitaphOfTwilight_Ce
    hey everyone
    * theme-hmmmm
    *looking for some to play wesker[form Resident Evil]
    *hope soon
  10. hexboy
    Hello! I have been roleplaying since '82! I love a good rp! I'm mostly uke. I'd love to find a good *cough* roleplay. (too embarassed to name the series)
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