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***Rp Haven*** "Let's RolePlay"

  1. Vinya
    *seme/uke (come on, can take turns!)
    *only original characters
    *love supernatural/fantasy theme
    *hardcore stuff. no cry babies, uke behaving like rape victins, emo guys...
    *simply PM me!
  2. yaoi4eternity
    Hey everyone
    *seme or uke
    theme- VAMPIRE but anything is good
    looking for anyone(do prefer girls)
    i am a girl feel free to PM me
    *FURRIES allowed!
  3. yayforyaoi
    Hey there^^ about me:

    -Seme or Uke but I prefer Uke
    -Any theme is okay
    -Like everything from soft to hard^^

    See ya!
  4. Eiri169Uesugi
    something about me? hmm...
    themes: supernatural, school [like playing th teacher] anyone would be suitable to be my blood bank [yes i'm a vampire]
  5. llPIXELll
    Hey, I'm Pixel.
    I generally play uke, but I like to think I'm fairly flexible when it comes to playing seme.
    I there isn't too much that I won't roleplay, but I'll let you know if anything you suggest falls into that category of "do not want".
    I'm really flexible when it comes to content rating as well. If you want to keep the smut to a minimal level, fine by me, but if not, well... kehehehe. >:3
  6. darkfox907
    hey every one
    *any theme
    *message me!!
  7. Yoai
    Me ish... a uke of course
    My theme ish... well i dunno, i can go along with w/e you want
    Well dats me ^^ message me <3
  8. Jolliapplegirl
    Jo, Jolliapplegirl here!

    -Seme or uke
    -original characters
    -any theme
    -hard or soft, im cool with it
    Pm me if your interested.
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