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Rp Haven is where people who love to rp can talk more about it and look for rp parnters as well. Just post what you need in a rp partner or just post what you like to do. Oh make sure you post that you area seme or uke. So people dont get messed up

ok. this is the place where you look for RP Partners.

You can also post links to yaoi RPG sites if you like.

~first: post what you are looking for in an RP Partner.

after partners are found, you guys leave and go on your merry way To have fun.

~Do's and Don'ts

-Do have fun.
-Do read the explanation before starting.
-Do follow the rules.

-Don't RP here. This is just so you can find RP Partners

well i hope everyone finds someone. have fun and happy RP-ing! ^_^

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