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  1. Purogia
    Ok, I'm sure nobody is ever going to see this, but I figure...it'd be fun to post some links to science videos. Actually, it's a Discovery Channel show called Time Warp; it explains different phenomena after looking at them at thousands of frames per second. Yes, the good old slow-motion videos which are so fun to watch. Two clips and two full episodes:

    Blowing up a champagne glass with a firecracker: http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/time...conundrum.html

    Blowing up hydrogen bubbles: http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/time...explosion.html

    Grease fires, dry ice bombs, and soap bubbles (full episode): http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/time...l-episode.html

    Watch someone good with a samurai sword and the internal workings of a hummingbird (full episode): http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/time...l-episode.html

    *edit* Something totally epic I was linked to...an xkcd comic:

  2. Purogia
    Remember that posting here is encouraged, hint hint.
  3. Purogia
    If anyone ever sees this, just tell me with a PM or something:


    http://www.abc.net.au/rn/bydesign/ga.../2008/2397011/ Be sure to click on the pictures (look through the actual slideshow instead of the thumbnails) since the thumbnails aren't miniature versions of the whole image in this case; they're sliced-off pieces that mean nothing.
  4. TXQ
    Hehe...beautiful stuffs...
  5. sacredmoon
    Oh cool! We used to do the hydrogen explosions all the time in General Chemistry. They were called "hydrogen bombs." We actually do it as part of our chemistry club demonstrations.
  6. Cannella
    Talking about the Klein bottle house... I'd like to live in it, just to see my hosts having trouble in finding their way out ...or never getting out a all!

    Anyway, there is crazy stuff in the shape of a Klein bottle... I remember I even saw some wool caps XD
  7. Purogia
    I may as well post here...

    YouTube - Molecular Snapshot - Periodic Table of Videos

    Check this. Evidently they've gotten good pictures of individual molecules now. They used to have some large atoms, but not molecules like this. For the record, the Periodic Table of Videos is AWESOME. Subscribing to that channel is mandatory to any AIT member who's on youtube.

    Randomly, I wish they'd hit element 117 sometime soon...some people might be going for 120 or something else, but I want 117. That hole in the Periodic Table is such a bother to me.
  8. Purogia
    I have a little something you guys might want to think about...it's more social science than science, but it's cool anyway. I have a contest up right now...you start with numbers from 0 to 100. The goal: pick 2/3 of the average of all the guesses. Think about that one for a minute. I'm getting some...interesting conclusions off of the numbers I have so far, but I can't say anything since it'd spoil the contest...
  9. Purogia
    Ok, since the one contest finished up, the conclusion was one that you probably could have guessed: most people didn't even try with the strategy and just picked random numbers. That made life difficult for the people who thought about it and tried playing well, ya know?
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