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Hayao Miyazaki Fans

  1. believe09
    Howl's Moving Castle is my favorite anime movie ! It was colorful and the characters definitely made me get emotionally attached.
  2. ashabugster
    Hi, I just found this group. Howl's Moving Castle is my favorite, but I also loved Whisper of the Heart.
  3. believe09
    AGH! I've only seen that movie once and it was like 3yrs ago! But, it was really awesome! That comes in at a close second along with Princess Mononoke.

    I'm really glad you joined!
  4. j14
    I found the group

    yeah Howl's moving castle is really awesome and Whisper of the heart which made me love Violins...Only yesterday is really good too...actually...I love his films
  5. believe09
    Yeah, there all good. Those movies are how I fell in love with anime.
  6. ashabugster
    Hi everyone! How is everyone? I haven't seen Only Yesterday, must go and buy it.
  7. j14
    That one's good...I noticed only few of us are here..let's invite more people

    Hello guys how are you all doing? let's make this an active group ^^
  8. believe09
    Why, hello there. I put a link to this group in my sig. I hpoe that helps.
  9. j14
    I'll also put it in my sig..hopefully more people will come
  10. Demeter
    You succeeded, I'm here thanks to your sig lol
    But I apologize already if I'm not really active m(_ _)m
    Oh and yes definitely, I'm a great fan of Hayao Miyazaki, I don't think I've ever been disappointed by one of his movies, can't wait for Ponyo ^____^
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