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Scanlator's Day

  1. shigrl
    Okay, now there are two of us, lol
  2. darknessreigns
    So it seems, but it only takes one or two people to start something right? plus, we've got the ghost of DP ^_^
  3. Jade Phoenix
    Jade Phoenix
    I'm in too! Just that... are you guys still planning to continue with the same things, or is it going to get a makeover now? xD
  4. shigrl
    @ Jade,
    well we weren't sure. Some things are just gone, like the interview that Dark gave me. The files have expired. I saw the threads about the graphics contest and I already did my judging for the drabble. Darkness has been working on other things. So any suggestions are welcome!
  5. Jade Phoenix
    Jade Phoenix
    MiraiK was handling the artwork thread and we were keeping a complete database of all the artworks donated, so that could be revived. Though I'll need to ask her if she still wants to involve in this.

    About the interview, were you talking about Lent's interview? Maybe we could ask the original interviewers themselves if they might have all the interviews. Though we will have to edit them again, but that isn't much trouble.

    We could also get the writing and artworks judges to turn in their choices, so we might be able to continue with that. And I could give you an outline of all the things that were planned and the people that were involved ( I don't know many of the people, but I do know most of the ones who were working for the magazine ).
  6. shigrl
    Jade, great!

    Darkness and I were the judges for the writing. I did put a note on the art thread that the event was still alive. I did so too in the meeting yesterday and cabbit_girl gave me the 100,000 points she had donated to DP and that were returned. So now we can award the winning prizes. DP already gave everyone in the writing, at least, the points they earned for entering.

    I gave Darkness the votes I had on the writing, so we will get together and award prizes if that is okay with you.

    I did not have a list of interviews. I only edited Lens and was supposed to get others but never did before Dark left. If you know who was doing what, then I and Darkness would be very happy!

    Darkness said he could work on the magazine too. So maybe you can get with him to discuss what is supposed to go into it.

    *sigh* and Dai-kun wants special days once per month???? I am already going crazy!

    @ Darkness, sorry for speaking for you. I was just trying to sum up our PMs. Maybe we should cc Jade too?
  7. shigrl
    @ Darkness

    I am such an idiot! Ignore my question about the date.
  8. darkparagon
    Ok, after having a long chat with someone last night, about the project! I have choosen not to butt in with what you are doing! I was going to take it up again myself, and I'm still willing to do so, if at lest half the people who had things to hand in, do infact do what was asked of them. Plus I'm really not good at working with people, unless I'm bossing them about , and I would not be happy, doing less then I had planned to do! It either has to be of the same quality or more! Sorry!

    Ok, just to stop you running around in circles at the in the conversation you are having here, Loveless_ar has all the interviews, other then the anime ones which never got done, Jade was going to use the 100,000 points I gave her for to do a contest for the interviews. So it would just be easyer to ask her, for them (loveless)! Then sitting chatting about deadlinks, and what was sent to who, and what was not!

    As for the artwork tread, they donated the art work, so you can still use it in my view! They would of said if they did not want there work been used after I left! Even if you do not use the catalog / list thing which MiraiK which was set up, it would only take an hour or two to collect them in a file! That was as long as it look me! It is pointless waiting around to ask someone if you can use their "list" they made, if they do not get back two you within two days! Don't get me wrong, I was very greatful for their help! Just my thoughts!
  9. Jade Phoenix
    Jade Phoenix
    shigrl : You can close the writing contest already. I think we had enough entries, so you can go about announcing the results. I will contact the judges for the artworks again ( the artworks have all been uploaded properly at an account I made before, so that won't be a problem ), and request them to turn in their votes in a max of 4 days. Just so you know, the actual plan was to get ten or so artworks selected by them... I don't remember the exact number right now; will have to count for that... and use those for the premiere positions in the mag. The others were to be used in all the other pages. And I'll contact loveless_ar to send in all the interviews as well ( as well as inquire about the trouble with getting the anime ones done ). So could you beta them / find someone to do so? About the character design for the interviews, I decided to not use a contest for it but make such a post in the One Stop Shop and ask people to draw according to the requirements. Because I usually hang around that area a lot, and have seen that most artists have their own shops and don't bother with the contests. I already have the descriptions of all of them save one. Just let me know if this idea's good and I'll implement it. ^^

    dark : Hello! I read your posts in the scanlators' day thread too. Lol, for a moment, I thought you were gonna get back to working. Anyway, I heard you were leaving the forum as well. Could you do a favor? Just post here all the info about various people and things which were being done for the scanlators' day. I don't remember the whole of it, and it'd be better to continue rather than start from scratch as we don't have much time left.

    Edit : Btw, I asked MiraiK if she would like to join in again, but being busy in RL, she won't be able to do so.
  10. darkparagon
    I closed the contest before I left, and gave everyone points! I was going to let people see who the winner was when they read the mag, so it was more of a suprise, and give the winner their prize on the day! Why let people know who one before hand, when it will provide more interest and traffic on the day, so people could see if they have won or not! Plus if you get people in on the day, they are more likely, to take part in other things! Though that was just my plan!

    Interview with an fansubberAn anime one will have to be done, that was my fault, I thought I had sorted it out, but must of slipped my mind, when I was doing other things! Sorry!

    You do have more chance of someone doing something if you post in the one stop shop, I found that by paying people, I got things sooner. Don't you just love peoples greedness for points??

    I did leave the forum, and now I'm back. My account got deleted, but enough said about that, it has nothing to do with scanlators day!

    As for who was doing what, that information got deleted with my account, I will have to make a list of everything that I was doing in my head, and most of it should come back to me, with any luck!



    Ok, I have not seen much action, so what have you guys done??

    Right then, if no one has posted here by tonight before I go to bed, I will start up a tread asking people to volunteer to write the different things which are still needed for the mag, I'm not personally asking people to do things again, it takes to much time waiting for people to get back to you. Sorry, but that is just my choice and view! Jobs which still need doing will be done on a first come, first serve bases!

    Does anyone remember what the name of the girl who does the fansubbing?? I know it is not the one which is used in the anime itself, and I will ask her if she is willing to do an interview! I will take adapt the questions from the other interviews to suit an anime interview, to save time writing a whole new interview!

    Which if my memory serves me right the thing which are to be included in the mag, and in this layout includes:

    A personal thank you message to the scanlators for all there hard work combind with an introduction

    Thank you messages pages (using the thank you messages I asked forum memebers to write, done with the pictures I asked certain people to do, as it was something a few scanlators asked for, in a kind of giffiti on the wall style.) Messages are all only a max of two lines long.

    Introduction to anime
    How to sub an anime article
    A memeber recommendation
    A page on the poll winner
    An in dept article about the anime which won the members vote
    The a page with what different people thought of the anime from the random dribble contest


    Writers section
    Introduction to writing, and what it is like to be a writer
    Winner of the orginal fic
    Winner of the fan fic
    Peom winner
    Introduction to manga
    How to scanlate an manga article
    A memeber recommendation
    A page on the poll winner
    An in dept article about the manga which won the members vote

    The a page with what different people thought of the anime from the random dribble contest
    Scanlators lore start
    Introduction to games
    A article on the the background to games and different ones which are avilable (Was to much to do, on how to do a game translation)
    A memeber recommendation
    A page on the poll winner
    An in dept article about the game which won the members vote
    The a page with what different people thoughts of the anime from the random dribble contest
    Winner of the art contest + A few members pieces of art with some more thank you messages on, from different members of the forum
    Introduction to DramaCDs
    A article on the the background to DramaCDS, and voice actors (Visual translations, are very much like subbing an anime, so pointless putting in twice, other types of translations or just on a word document )
    A memeber recommendation
    A page on the poll winner
    An in dept article about the DramaCD which won the members vote
    The a page with what different people thought of the anime from the random dribble contest

    Scanlators lore
    Different games
    Donated art work used thoughout the mag

    I think it is a very neat layout and follows though.

    I will contact those who where going to be doing the translations of the anime/dramaCD and manga, and see if they are still doing it, if so then that will go ahead!
    I have all the games which where going to be played on the day, there will be a new game/contest starting every hour in the contest section, plus thoughout the day, random questions been trown into the shout box


    I do not know if I have said this already, the date needs to be pushed back, not meny people will be willing to work to such a short deadline, sorry to say!

    That is all I can remeber for now, I sure other things will pop back into my head!
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