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Looking for translator for Sukisho/Sukisyo (now hiring at JOAT Translations.)

  1. Hakaruwulf
    Thank you for reading. I’m looking desperately for a translator so we can finish the visual novels! If we get a translator, I’m willing to scan and upload my Sukisho books! Please reply, tell your Japanese writing friends and family. Spread the word! We need your help now!!!
  2. Squidfame
    I have been playing the translated First Limit game and I have watched the translated drama CD videos on YouTube recently.
    I am an old fan of the series, from back in the day when the anime was first aired and I also played all 5 games in the past.
    I want to show my gratitude for the translations that your team has done, I always wanted to know what the story was in game, I enjoy it a lot, which is thanks to you!

    It is unfortunate that there is a lack of translators for this project.
    I wish I could. but unfortunately I cannot read Japanese and I only understand some words and sentences.
    I might have a plan B proposal because I noticed a useful tool and even though I am not able to read Japanese, I hope I can help with my alternate proposal, because I love this series and I want to see the translations of more content become reality.
    I was thinking maybe we can put the text in various automatic translator and try to make sense of the sentences and story.
    Below I have an example of something I tried for this idea/approach.
    Please let met know what you think and if you are interested in trying this method, I would love to help out with this.

    I recently downloaded and tried out a free tool called Screen Translator.
    The translation this tool does is similar to the level of Google Translate though the outcome is different, but what is super is that the program correctly captures the text on the picture which you can past in any text program.

    For example this is the text from the 4th screen in Target Nights.
    けど、寒そうな外の景色とは裏腹に 、 オレのいるこの揚所は
    とても暖かくて、柔らかいロウソク 炎が白いテーブルクロス
    やその hに並ぶ料理をォレンジ色に照らして 。
    (Some symbols have changed to question marks, because this forum does not support the symbols apparently)

    This is the translation from the Screen Translator program:

    But, contrary to the view of the outside which seems to be cold,this place where I am is
    Very warm, soft candle flame white tablecloth And the dish thatlined the H was in the light of the color.

    This is the translation from Google Translate:
    But, this cold place where I seem to be in contradiction to the outside scenery that seems cold
    Very warm, soft candle flame white tablecloth
    And the food that lined up with that h was illuminated in the orange color.
  3. sapphireleo
    OMG! Thank you so, so much for all this and all your most precious, sacred love for it, still and it so deserves, especially to those also with DID and BPD, too? Let's make the world a better place with it!
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