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Favorite characters and why?

  1. Emelia
    Hey! We all like Sukisyo, and it's so adorable. The characters are all great, right? But we all have favorites (usually), right? So c'mon, what's your favorite characters and maybe even why~?
  2. Emelia
    My favorite is a tie between Sora and Gaku. I just love their characters, they're so silly and fun that I just can't help but giggle. And ESPECIALLY with Sora, whenever he goes into serious mode (without going Yoru) he's so cool, I end up squealing~!
  3. sapphireleo
    Mine is sunao cause I just love bratty tsundere adolescent shota types.. KYAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! > v < b
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