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  1. Moon-Angelica
    Starting a new discussion cos I want to read more PSoH fanfiction!

    Rec your favourite fanfics here, rec the ones you thought were kinda ok, even rec the ones that weren't for you if you like ^^

    Standard rec format -
    Your Thoughts:

    Here are some of my faves off the top of my head ^^

    Title: Berlin
    Author: Delphi
    Link: http://community.livejournal.com/psoh_fqf/3485.html
    Summary: A younger Dumbledore acquired Fawkes from a Chinese petshop owner in Berlin around WWII.
    Warnings: None I can think of
    Your Thoughts: A Sofu D/Dumbledore pairing isn't the first one the normally would spring to mind but Delphi really makes it work. This really fits well into both the PSoH universe and the Harry Potter one. I would say this is a must read ^^

    Title: Little Lion
    Author: cousin D
    Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/920735/1/
    Summary: Leon needed a place to hide from dad after school and Chinatown was nearby. How was he supposed to know who he'd meet?
    Warnings: Child abuse
    Your Thoughts: Leon as a kid - how much cuter can you get? Of course everything isn't all sunshine and flowers but a wonderful story with a surprising twist on who Leon truly is.

    Title: Unwilling Sleep
    Author: Telanu
    Link: http://telanu.thirteenblackbirds.net...lingsleep.html
    Summary: It looks as if D and Leon will be separated forever--until D makes a choice that will change both their lives. But can he and Leon live with the consequences of his decision?
    Warnings: Hmmm...sex? This one's 18+
    Your Thoughts: I love how there's the overhanging 'D leaves all he knows and becomes mortal for Leon' romantic tinge which is coloured by the practical 'We need somewhere to live and to get jobs' side. This is a story firmly rooted in reality but never abandons the myth ^^
  2. spirited_soul
    Hurray for recs ^^

    I also liked reading

    Title: Decision
    Summary: When Leon finally makes up his mind to seduce Count D, he doesn't find what he expected.
    Warnings: nc-17, very explicit; hermaphrodite D
    Your Thoughts: Well, I think this is one of the most explicit PSoH fics I have read. It was really hot!!! I really enjoyed it. If you dont like the idea of D with womanly bits though you might not enjoy this!!

    Title: And then it Bit him
    Author: who_la_hoop
    Link: http://community.livejournal.com/slashfest/224172.html
    Summary: Severus Snape meets Count D after trying out his new animagus form ^___^
    Warnings: Crossover, pg-13
    Your Thoughts: I loved the way that D responded to all the magical creatures of Snape's world and how Snape resigned himself to tolerate D's presence. I really enjoyed this one.

    Title: The Hunted
    Author: Yellowhorde
    Summary: AU Leon x D When Leon Orcot was seven years old, he was viciously mauled by a werewolf. Desperate to save his life, his mother made an bargain with the mysterious Count D. Now, eighteen years later, the boy is a man... and payment is due.
    Warnings: It's AU, NC-17, Hermaphrodite!D, WIP
    Your Thoughts: I like the setting for this fic in a present where werewolves are real but they are segregated and despised and feared and locked up by normal humans. The characters are very IC even though there is the AU setting. I also love the Leon/D interaction. It's ongoing but is being updated so I am loving this series.
    I usually read it on LJ BUT I gave the F.net link because all the chapters are together.

    When I think of others I shall add them!!
    Great idea Moon-Angelica
  3. KrazeeKunoichi009
    *sigh* Fanfiction can be so entertaining for so long. If ony there was any D and Leon doujinshi. THAT would be AWESOME!
  4. Moon-Angelica
    Forgot about this here's some more ^^

    Title: Courtship Rituals
    Author: mystiri1
    Link: Courtship Rituals, a Petshop Of Horrors fanfic - FanFiction.Net
    Summary: DxLeon. Spring comes to the pet shop, with all that entails. And D is not happy...
    Warnings: None really
    Your Thoughts: Short and hints at hotness. It ends nicely, leaving you imagining exactly what said display might entail ^^

    Title: Wild
    Author: Branch
    Link: Wild
    Summary: PSOH/PoT Xover. While visiting the US, some of the tennis boys come across an unusual pet shop. This evolves, as such things do, into some strange situations for a few of them.
    Warnings: You really need at least a basic knowledge of who the PoT boys are as it's mainly from their perspective
    Your Thoughts: PSOH and PoT? I am so there, especially when Branch is writing. The animals suit them so well and I love the explanation of Tezuka's family. And there was Yukimura and he's a dragon! *loves Yukimura ^^*

    Title: Without Fear
    Author: Branch
    Link: Without Fear
    Summary: Crossover of Petshop of Horrors and Labyrinth. D seduces the fading Goblin King into the shop. Written for the Porn Battle prompt: D/Jareth, what dreams are made of.
    Warnings: Hints of lemon? Not really descriptive or anything
    Your Thoughts: Branch is one of my absolute fav author and she's written PSOH/Labyrinth! Jareth becomes one of the pets at the petshop. I love how he convinces him ^^ Sadly not as porny as you would think a Porn Battle fic would be

    Come on guys! There must be more of us reading PSOH fics than just me and spirited_soul! Throw some recs this way ^^
  5. spirited_soul
    This is an extremely long series of fics which are AU-ish but I keep reading them

    Title: The Change....The Vision
    Author: dextrousleftie
    Link: This is the first story just click on the author's name to get them all
    Summary: Leon and D get close on a case and this triggers a bonding/mating sequence...and the consequences. The series eventually involves Sofu and Papa D and a few OCs (my summary)
    Warnings: NC-17, AU, OCs, OOC, MPreg etc.
    Your Thoughts: Well, it's not the best and the writing style is a bit simplistic at times BUT there is something there which keeps me reading. The characters are all engaging even the OCs and though I dont particularly like the domesticity of the later fics there is enough of the mystic and some action which keeps me interested. ^^
  6. crown
    Title: Deeper
    Author: Caer
    Link: (link)
    Warnings: NC-17, Vinesmex
    Summary: "D tells Leon to stay away for a few days, to no avail."
    Your Thoughts: Out of all the PSoH fanfictions I've read, this one pretty much nails the mood and in-characterness of the PSoH series, and then somehow in mix with all that ...incorporates a sex scene.
    The overall concept is pretty dark at certain points, but i'm pretty satisfied with it. It's to the point where if someone told me it was canon, I probably wouldn't even blink an eye :V
  7. spirited_soul
    I just finished reading this wonderfully long and hot and exciting fic about D/Leon

    Title: Daylily
    Author: Nimori
    Link:Here's the link.
    Summary:Hermaphrodite!D, crazy Dfamily procreation hijinx
    Warnings: NC-17
    Your Thoughts: I loved this. D and Leon are very well characterised in this fic. I love how long it was as well. D is trying to follow the family tradition of producing his son but he has some problems. It's D/Leon and it is hot! Papa D is also in this fic. It is very interesting to follow the plans wrought from his rather warped mind.
    Thank you for all teh recommendation! I have read most of it, and they are really wonderful!!! And well, yes, this is one of my all time favourite, so pardon me and let me join this discussion!

    Title: Drive
    Author: Nymph
    Link:WIP: Drive (complete draft, unedited)
    Summary:Hermaphrodite!D, emotional journey
    Warnings: NC-17
    Your Thoughts: It was slow in the beginning, but the beauty of the words just bind me. it grows better as everything started to unveiled. It was just a drive across America (US) continent with emotions and love. I am not good in giving review, but yes, this one deserve a try. it seduced me as much as Telanu's.
    However, this story is not published as complete. The author said that the story was not edited yet, and it was 2 years ago. Even though the story actually ended already.

    Title: Desperate
    Author: Nymph
    Link:Nym's Fanfic: Desperate
    Summary: PrOn
    Warnings: NC-17
    Your Thoughts: Hot. Like Decision. Please be prepared.
  9. spirited_soul
    Any new PSoH fanfiction out there? Its been quite. This discussion needs updating.
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