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Fave Manga Chapter and/or Character^^

  1. spirited_soul
    Well, I wanted to try out the Discussions and thought a discussion on fave manga chapters should work out


    My fave manga chapter has to be Vol3 ch3. Dessert ^_______^
    Ah Wong and D were so smexy together and I loved when Leon asked D if he was waiting for him to put soy sauce on him and D said that things were just getting interesting.
    D looked so luscious lying there with Wong over him and I may be wrong but I think D opened his own buttons *****

    So what's your fave chapter?
  2. prettybabycatty1109
    I read this too long ago already... But I like that Kappa and Basilisk chapter
  3. Moon-Angelica
    Yup definitely Dessert :3 Hot smexy D and smexy Wong and Jill telling Leon he's jealous yes definitely my fave

    Though I do have fave bits in other chapter like the dragons D summoned for the storm - the "Why hello good to you again" convo in the sky rocks, all Leon's near misses *want Leon back!*, and the Femto (sp?) story! That was pretty random but still made of awesomeness (do you think it means Reikan will be licensed? Dare I hope?)

    I need to reread first series so I can quote from there too ^^;
  4. spirited_soul
    @pretty baby - that kappa chapter is in Shin series right?

    I also love the chapter with D's 'sister' when Leon tried to squeeze her boobs and D decked him. Violent!D is so alluring ^______^
  5. AShadowsKiss
    My favorite chapters are:
    Dessert; D looks so tasty!
    Desire; 'cause D really showed that girl for dumping her pet!
    Discovery; Leon got all protective over /his/ D.

    And I absolutely hate the last chapter 'cause D /threw/ Leon of the ship! He should have let him stay D=
  6. okiW
    One of my favorite chapters is Dragon! It's so funny, and D is cute when he has toothache XD
    I also like the extra chap on sex education >__<
  7. Lysian
    We need more pet shop, the new one isn't uploading as quickly for me and it funny how the Count keep hiding when his stalker comes around the new male is also bloody hot.
  8. Lysian
    I love T-chan, is so bloody hot, and isn't he just adorable! it hard to pick my fav chapter, since i ador them all
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