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Count D's ~ PetShop of Horrors ~

  1. spirited_soul
    Ah, I have been waiting forever for someone to create a PSoH social group and I had despaired of it ever happening.
    Thus, I got the idea to create one myself ^^.

    So if you love PSoH and Count D and the Pets sign up.

    My fave character is Count D and I also love his Papa ...I love Leon too.

    Have you guys read PSoH: Tokyo?
  2. Fuu Henjin
    Fuu Henjin
    I have read all the PSoH xDDD~~~ even the New Pet Shop oh Horrors ;o; where is no more Leon TOT *cries* it seems he is after Count D... is so cute~~~

    Thanks for creating this lovely group <333~~~ I love it *O*
  3. spirited_soul
    Fuu glad to see you.

    Well technically he does show up in Shin, but only in the extras.

    I am glad that the pets made it to Tokyo ^^ (Is looking at the two vols. right now)
  4. Fuu Henjin
    Fuu Henjin
    AAAh!!! hello xDDD~~~ a group of just 2 ;^; BTW... I LOVE YOUR PICS!!! they are absolutely lovely <3333 *O*...

    I read the manga here o.o --> http://www.mangafox.com/page/manga/s...op_of_horrors/

    xDDD there are only 2 volumes too~~ ;o; you don't know when the next volumen is going out?
  5. spirited_soul
    We aren't just 2 any more!! Yeah for new members (Roses)

    @Fuu - I saw that vol. 3 is being released in October and I hope amazon.com makes it available for pre-order soon.

    Feel free to add more pics
  6. Fuu Henjin
    Fuu Henjin
    Weee~~~~ *O* Another member *dances*

    @Roses: Don't be shy!!~~

    @spirit: Really ;o;! *dies* I'll have to wait until the scanlation group release it ;-;
  7. spirited_soul
    Unfortunately the scanlators stopped when the series got licensed...notice they stopped at vol 2 ch 3 and they did not do the last chapter

    I started buying the series because I realised that Night Exile was not continuing. If they were we would have had 5 vols of Shin by now!!!!

    Also notice that most of the original series is not availabel online as a scanlation but rather that someone scanned the english manga.
  8. Dragon_Of_Eternal
    Hello there, Dragon-of-Eternal here!

    Petshop of Horrors is probably one of my favorite manga series ever... I almost cried tears of despair when it ended. I'm pretty excited to get my hands on more of the new series though.
    I wish the OVA covered more of the manga.
  9. Fuu Henjin
    Fuu Henjin
    @Dragon: I think that too!!! *crying of happiness coz someone thing the same as her* <3333

    @spirited: NOOO!!! *dies* ;o; *hoping someone scan the licensed manga* I'll die if I can read the manga
  10. spirited_soul
    I dont think any one else will pick up the series to do a scanlation. Like I said it has reached vol 5 and only those who buy the japanese version has it pass vol 2 ch7.
    vol3 comes out in October and I am ordering it from amazon.

    Unfortunately I dont have a scanner to share the manga with others online

    @Dragon: Welcome new member!
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