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  1. spirited_soul
    Holt so sorry this welcome is coming so late. I only just got a notification

    If you get the original manga maybe you can scan them and a kind soul here on Aarinfantasy will translate for us. I have lots of points so I can offer to 'pay' that way
  2. spirited_soul
    Do you guys own the gorgeous ishop Count D cards? The Level 8 is to die for
  3. spirited_soul

    There is a new PSoH series!

    Petshop of Horrors: Passage Hen featuring 19th century Sofu D ^^
  4. spirited_soul
  5. spirited_soul
    So I tried to gt the RAW version of Volume 1 of Passage Hen: But nothing. I am still hoping though.
  6. tatselk
    Hi all, I'm new to the group and an old PSOH fan.

    I found a Chinese version of Shin PSOH and PSOH Passage Hen online and am intending to do summaries of the PSOH Passage Hen chapters available. Please find my summaries of the final chapter of Shin PSOH here (https://tatselk.tumblr.com/post/1642...-final-chapter) and Chapter 1 of PSOH Passage Hen here (https://tatselk.tumblr.com/post/1642...er-1-decheance).
  7. XichVu
    if you want to read New PSOH and PSOH Passage Hen, there are 2 to 3 website containing Chinese version of it. New PSOH is 新恐怖宠物店 and PSOH Passage Hen is 恐怖宠物店-拱廊街篇.
    However there isn't vol 6 for Passage Hen yet
  8. spirited_soul
    Ah if wishes were horses there would be a scanlation of PSoH Passage Hen. Thanks guys for posting tho.
  9. spirited_soul
    So it's been 1and a half years but finally some good news. Ruthless Nights scanlation group is doing Passage Hen I'm just happy. I think they might have also continued PSoH Tokyo.

    You will find the first 2 chapters https://ruthlessnightsscans.tumblr.com/
  10. spirited_soul
    I am not really active on the forums for a while but I came here and now I am looking for new PSoH again.

    Once an addict...always an addict.
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