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Ouran High School Host Club

  1. shattered
    this i HAVE to join! i can't believe i didn't create one myself! it's my favourite anime/manga besides bleach!
  2. amade0
    hehe i love the anime xD *still trying to read the manga though.. >.> fonts are to small xD*
  3. eiri
    Kyaa~ Kyouya x Tamaki! xD
  4. shattered
    i second that Kyaa
  5. AlishaCatherine
    If I say Tamaki x Haruhi will I be thrown out?
  6. Rimona
    I love this anime ^.^
    AlishaCatherine > I hope not, cause I support them too XDD
  7. shattered
    i'm a Tamaki x Haruhi fan too and its looking very likely in the manga now! oops did i spoil it? i just think that, in yaoi AU, Kyouya x Tamaki ... but in canon, our baka-tono definitely belongs with haru-chan!!!
  8. Hadas_g
    shattered!! me too!! My favorite pairing is Tamaki x Haruhi!!! they are sooo cute together!! <333

    But in yaoi, I love MorixHoney ~and I hate the twins being paired together >>*
  9. schetenei
    Yeey! Im more for Tamaki x Kyouya, that's right, a baka seme and megane uke But TamaxHaru is fine too ^^
    For spoilers, "latest" summaries here http://tatsukida.pitas.com (look for the post on december 30th) A couple is almost born!
  10. amade0
    lol i like Haruhi x Tamaki to xD .. is it bad that i like the twins pairing xD *maybe i should read some fanfiction with Tamaki x Kyouya o.0 hmm..*
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