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  1. frekyzeex
    Super Junior- 'U' sung by them in japanese!!!
    (the rap is done in english!! they sound adorable!!)


    ENJOY!! <3~
  2. bence0307
    Hello there I'm glad I could join the society
  3. aarinfantasy
    Hi hi~ I got to know about them through watching shows of DBSK/TVXQ, and find SuJu members personalities are very interesting to watch. Not to mention their catchy songs like Sorry Sorry and It's You... very nice~ Watching them on variety shows made me laugh.

    Did anyone watched Dangerous Couple and how they played the kissing card game? That's sooooo cute and slashy~
  4. Foofie88
    The kissing card game was sooooo cute~
    I have that saved somewhere

    And yes, I agree, their personalities are very interesting, along with all their nicknames
  5. cutieH
    Hello everyone I first fell in love with SuJu during their "U" days but back then I didn't know who they were and only loved the MV and the song.But when Sorry Sorry came out,is when I went into obsession mode

    I remember that faithful day when I was watching Kbs world's music bank faithfully for SNSD's Gee when suddenly a group of guys came on stage and perform.Thought the song itself was nice and they all looked so handsome,but it wasn't till Prince Gamer Kyuhyunnie last "Sorry~" part that I fell into the azure ocean that was Super Junior.And did I drown in it or what..Yes,that's my story with Super Junior

    I remember watching the card kissing game but back then I didn't know who they were.I remember it was all hot and slashy but funny at the same time cause one of the teams tried to cheat
  6. cutieH
    And have anyone seen this clip?YouTube - [Eng Sub] Flower Boys: SHINee & Super Junior - Couple Selection 1/2

    It's from Shinee's show Flower Boys Generation,I think.It features Super junior Donghae with Shinee members Jonghyun,Onew and Key trying to impress Donghae to make him pick one of them as his couple XD What I wanna show everyone is in this clip,around 3.40 Jonghyun started serenading Donghae while sitting on his lap and holding hands!It's too cute to not share XD
  7. Muraki3
    SuJu?!!!! O________O
    one of my all time fav groups! ADORE them!
    i call them SUPER HOTTIES instead of super junior! *meeeelts like hell*

    @ cutieH : OMG i've seen it before nd i LOVE it!!! yea hontoni it's sooo cuuuuuuuuuute! thx for sharin dear!! *huuuugz!
  8. cutieH
    @Muraki3 Your welcome and please share any more hot super hot- I mean,please share any more interesting Suju videos here cause my youtube-fu is quite weak
  9. cutieH
    Super Junior M is making a comeback!They're releasing a mini album and the new single chosen seems to be Super Girl.Here's the MV teaser:
    YouTube - Super Junior M - Super Girl MV teaser
    Everyone looks hot but Siwon and Donghae look especially super hot in this one
  10. DoraLemon
    hmm.. looks like the group owner hasn't been back to AF for 2 months..

    I love SuJu~~
    I have all of their MVs and shows on my ipod and i watch it 24/7~~~

    Explorers of the Human body is hilarious!

    YouTube - HeeChul & Sungmin Kiss
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