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Your Fav Super Junior Member

  1. Foofie88

    I thought I'd start this so people could list their fav member, and why they like him. It lets others get to know each character better

    Mine is Eunhyuk. I love the way he dances and I love it when he raps
    Anytime I watch one of their dance versions my eyes are always on him. His nickname monkey fits him well too
  2. frekyzeex
    Mines Heechul <3
    Hes So Cute And Funny And I Love His hairrr O.O <333
  3. cutieH
    My fav member is Kyuhyun!Just love his voice and overall funny/awkwar/princely magnae image And he's good looking to boot But my fav feature of him is voice!His single for the Hyena drama,Smile is my constant lullaby Here's a video of my Kyuhyunnie singing his newest solo song live YouTube - [HD HQ] Super Junior - Kyuhyun sings 7 Years of Love Live @ Sketchbook 090718{Real HQ}
  4. cutieH
    @Foofie88 : Love Eunhyuk's raps too!And I've been paying more attention to him since Sorry Sorry promotion starts His rap in She Want's It from Sorry Sorry Ver C is my fav ever

    @frekyzeex His image recently is more to the cute side but I remember when he was very2 pretty
  5. Foofie88
    @cutieH - Who doesn't love Eunhyuk's rap? And I've noticed a lot of people started to notice him in the dance version of Sorry Sorry. He dances so well~~
  6. ahgreg
    My favorite member is Kangin Followed by Leeteuk, Shiwon, Hankyung, and a couple of others Actually I fell in love with all of them after watching Explorations of the Human Body
  7. DoraLemon
    The first member I started liking was Kyuhyun~~ after watching their music videos heaps I started noticing Donghae as well ^____^
    THEN I watched Ep 2 mini drama 'dangerous friendship' and really like Sungmin and Ryeowook :3

    Explorers of the human body made me like them even more~~

  8. ElizaUchiha
    My most favourite member is Kyuhyun. I like him cause he is so cute and funny and of course his voice is awesome. But I also like Eunhyuk, Donghae, Hankyung, Heechul and Leeteuk. I think they are just a bunch of dorks. They are just so cute, funny, and just adorkable.
  9. ahgreg
    Currently in love with Donghae
  10. Silverallrise
    My fav member is EunHyuk :"> I love everything about him :"> But I also like SungMin and all other members XD And my fav couple is EunMin :">
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