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The hottest evil Anime/Manga/Movie~caracters >:]

  1. akatsuki_fan
    well this is mostly a test, cause i'm confused with this new group thingy so I will try start a new discussion and what is better to discuss than our favourite evil caracters??? its nice if you upload hot pics to

    here is SOME of my favourite evil caracters:

    * Uchiha Itachi- naruto
    *sasori- naruto
    *Gin- bleach
    *tyki- d.gray man
    * sephirot- advent children

    can't come up with more for the moment xD
  2. Kheldar
    Sephirot... I love him. I'm glad he turned evil.
    Some of my:
    ~The Joker
    ~Artemis Fowl
    ~Anotsu (Blade of the Immortal)

    And I can't come up with more right now.
  3. bleachfanatic13

    Hmm, personally I don't like Sephiroth...but I would pay any money in the world for a night with Yazoo! XD

    Well, let's see, I LOVE Yassen Gregorovich from Alex Rider! XD And Artemis of course XD

    Oh, oh! Kuroudo Akabane from Get Backers! He's so sexy! XD And...hmmm...Jareth from the movie Labrynth! -swoons-

    Oh, and of course! Hollow Ichigo and Grimmjow from Bleach!

    I'm sure I'll be able to think of more soon! XD
  4. Kheldar
    Yeah, nic, nice Yassen!
    Artemis rules, doesn't he!!!? Have you read the latest book? In that case: what did you think of it?
  5. bleachfanatic13
    Ack! they get weaker each time!

    My favourite is still the first, I loved him most when he was cruel! XD

    You like Yassen?! Did you know the next book is going to be all about him?!

    I can't wait for it!!!
  6. Kheldar
    Yes, I agree. I kinda like the idea of him and Holly getting along, but the evil Artemis is nonforgetable.
    No, really? What's the book called? -I haven't read Alex Rider in a loong time...
    Also, I've just seen the latest HP and the half-blood prince trailer, so here's a few I realize I've forgotten:

    ~Severus Snape
    ~Sirius Black
    I know, they're both ACTUALLY nice-guys, but they're so hawt and smexy (in the books) that it doesn't matter.
  7. waterbaby12us
    Want to add:
    Aizen from Bleach
    Hiruma from Eyeshield 21 (totally the devil...lol)
    and Pein from Naruto

    OMG, evil Artemis is absolutely stunning!!! I was actually quite disappointed that he eh..."changed his ways" LOL

    I can't wait for the Yassen book either, though I heard they pushed it back one book? Not too sure ><
  8. Kheldar
    woot, more Artemis-fans! Iih, even though he's 'nice' now, i like the new books. Because it's easier to think of him as a hot beng now that he isn't just a kid anymore!
  9. bleachfanatic13
    hahahaha, I know it seems wrong, but I loved him when he was cold and evil XD I think it would be cool if he could stay that way and get older XD

    Oooo, evil guys I love from HP...of course Severus and Draco! and also Lucius to a point XD

    I can't believe so many of you guys love Artemis and Yassen XD

    Ooooo, some new fave evil chara's from an awesome aussie author! Cayal the Imortal Prince and Lord Jaxyn from The Tide Lords series! It's awesome, Jaxyn even sleeps with men!!!! And Cayal is just too plain awesome....and hot.....not to mention he's had 8000 years to perfect his bedroom 'techniques' XD

    Oh, also Kisshu and Pai from Tokyo Mew Mew, gotta love those two....XD
  10. Kheldar
    Whoa, Ireally have to check out that series, then! Tide Lord, you say...
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