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The hottest evil Anime/Manga/Movie~caracters >:]

  1. teito13
    draco from HP is so sexy! and umm ashura from RG Veda... when he's all covered in blood ..... aw heck all the evil CLAMP bishies are sexy
  2. MegaMaz
    Newbie here!

    Aizen from Bleach...hate and love him at the same time, he's that sexy!
    Grimmjow Oh, hell yes...
    Starrk though it seems more like he just decided to be on the evil side rather than being evil himself...
    Hiruma from Eyeshield, technically one of the protaganists, but he's a black-mailing, gun-toting, f-bomb dropping magnificent bastard!
    Agon from Eyeshield also...I dunoo, there's just something about a natural-born, arrogant genius that can rip you apart...and don't forget his evil dreadlocks...

    (also Hiruma+Agon=Best. Team Up. EVAH!!...)

    Light...I always liked him...
    Akumetsu/Shou...technically not evil, but as he is a terrorist and lives up to his name...come on, he kills corrupted politicians, all the while, killing himself right after via exploding mask. PLUS...he's also a crazy-prepared magnificent bastard...and the way he goes about killing...
    Oda Nobunaga - from Sengoku Basara...he drinks sake out of skulls and has a skull throne...let's not forget being voice by Norio and his epic armor full of spikes of villainy...and him wielding a sawn-off shotgun...and his attacking badass cape!!

    From the Forbidden Realms Book Series...

    Artemis Entreri
    Jarlaxle - "Sane is boring" indeed...>.>

    ...I have more but I can't remember them all...
  3. ConversusLocus

    Gin ~ Bleach
    Sebastian ~ Kuroshitsuji - i consider him evil cause he's a demon.
    Yagami Light ~ Death note
    The dude from the new bleach movie that doesnt have a name.
    Or he gets a name, in the end. but i dont remember :/
    but aaaah he's hot *w*
  4. MegaMaz
    @conversus: Shizuku, his name's Shizuku...
  5. ConversusLocus
    @ Megamaz
    Thank you thank you
  6. ShamelessFan
    I swear, half the time, the villains are far sexier than the heroes! Most of my favorite characters are villains, if not just characters with some nasty streaks.
    Here are some of them:
    ~Neuro from Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro has quite the evil intention
    ~Claude from Kuroshituji is a sexy beast, I dont care how stalkerish he is!
    ~Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist, and yes I swear upon my computer that he is male
    ~Alucard from Hellsing, damn that sexy man
    ~Dr. Muraki Kazutaka from the anime Descendants of Darkness has to be one of the freaking sexiest evils EVER!

    Isn't it such a bittersweet feeling when you really hate the villain and dont want to forgive them but you are so attracted to him that you almost do so?
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