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For all Sesshomaru fans

  1. minamino
    well this is it the first sesshomaru worshippers group hope that the all the people that like sesshomaru will join this little group
  2. xcc
    Awesome! Finally a place for us to talk about our beloved Sesshoumaru!
  3. minamino
    yay glad you joined my dear woaw i have a problem how can i send invitations to the group i would like to invite some friends and i dunno how
  4. minamino
    woaw already three members that is good hope we will have more soon well thanks for joining
  5. sweetschelene
    OMG... I can't believe no one hasn't thought of this before now... He has got to be the sexiest dog demon.....
  6. xcc
    Well, I don't know either, but I guess a PM will work for now.
  7. minamino
    well i asked a friend hope he knows how well it is great sesshomaru is really sexy so he deserves a group just for him
  8. minamino
    yay youre right sweetschelene glad that xcc thought about that i am so happy now we have our group to talk how much we want about our sessy
  9. sweetschelene
    He should always be looked at.... I have a picture of him naked but not sure how tasteful it would be to put it up.... just let me know
  10. minamino
    yay put it up sweetschelene i was looking for one with him naked put it my dear dont hold back
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