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For all Sesshomaru fans

  1. Jokin
    Oh and the new pictures are way too cool
  2. Kadaj_chan
    I have been absent for so long!
    I have been so busy in the vampire knight group...
    I am sorry Sesshoumaru-sama!
  3. Blue-Jay
    Just came across this group... love Sessy! and funny the group's pic is the same as my ava, lol (no, I won't change it, it has been my ava since I first joined aarinfantasy).
  4. Sakurazukamory
    I like the new pics
  5. minamino
    hi everyone hope you are enjoying the new inuyasha episodes as much as i do
    again i was left speechless when i sow Sesshomaru and it seem like he has become more softer and kind ( reference to the episode when Kagura died) this is a new side of him cant wait to see how he will act further ow and his sword has become so powerful being able to kill his enemies by sending them into the underworld
    Blue-Jay welcome to the group and enjoy your stay yeah well i chose that pic as the group pic because sesshomaru-sama looks so smexy in it i couldn't just let it pass by and no worries i don't mind if you keep using it as your avatar it looks awesome so i understand hope to see you around
  6. wildcat234
    haha. i acedentally uploaded a pic that was already on here, sorries
  7. Jiken
    I've looked everywhere for this~~
  8. Jiken
    I've looked everywhere for this~~
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