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For all Sesshomaru fans

  1. erubeus
    Well, there's one called Submit to Me, and it's a Sesshomaru and Naraku fanfic. =D You should only read it, though, if you do not mind Mpreg. <33
    And then there is a sequel to it, that is not yet complete, called
    Remember Me.
    I think they are both really good. <33
  2. xcc
    @Erubeus, thanks, I think I began to read it a few month ago, and I stopped because I didn't like Sesshoumaru as uke. But I might give it another try. If you say is good, it might be worthy.
  3. erubeus
    I don't like him as uke, either, but I really did like the story. =)
    I especially like, though, that he's the one in charge, and not Naraku. <33
    Naraku is ascareded of hims when he ish pregnant. =D
    Well, okay, not scared. But very obedient and low key. ^^
  4. xcc
    @Erubeus, you know what, I'm going to read it for sure. I'll let you know what I think afterwards.
  5. erubeus
    I hope you enjoy it this time around. <33
  6. inume27
    I tried reading Submit to me....yeah....not my thing....But I did read Sexual Possibilities of the Didelphis virginiana....strange but had me laughing out of nowhere ^__^
  7. xcc
    Yeah! The part I laughed more it was when the poor little thing died, everytime it saw Sesshoumaru. And his thoughts about how he was going to get even with Kagome for giving such a pet to Rin.
  8. inume27
    Yeah I think that was sooo funny....I haven't read anything else recently....time is always a problem
  9. xcc
    Yes, I wish I could have more time just to read. Now I want to read, but I should go to bed.
    See you later.
  10. minamino
    hi ee what are you guys talking about ow about the sesshomaru fanfics well i decided to start reading some too if i find something interesting i will post links to them
    xcc hi been a while since i said hi to you how have you been hugs
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