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  1. xcc
    You can read it here
    Inuyasha Manga Chapters
    they have the latest VK chapters too, and it is perfectly legally, since they have the publishers as sponsors, so if you which you can buy the book later. However, I think in the US, it is still be month before we have it for sale.
  2. xcc
    @YaminoTenshi, where have you been?
  3. sweetschelene
    I have heard that, it is so disappointing to have to wait.
  4. YaminoTenshi
    thanks for the warm welcome....just busy with exams....i am right in the middle of them, but will be done next week and will be able to be more active around here....sorry but i will be going now...see you soon....hope you like the pic
  5. sweetschelene
    Sorry guys, but I need to go for now, if I get time I will try to find some more pics, Time to be mom and I have gotten started on a new novel, when I get more edited I will let you read it I need some input. Thanks will talk to you soon.
  6. sweetschelene
    by the way mina, thanks for the laugh of adopt a pet pic I know I will start laughing when I think of it, Already laughing now....
  7. minamino
    hope you guys like the new pics i did my best to look for some intresting ones
    ow sweetschelene see you soon
    hello tenshi-chan glad you joined us i am so Happy hope you like the pics
  8. minamino
    yay i thought it was funny to
  9. minamino
    xxc well i live in Spain and is really late here
  10. xcc
    @minamino, Spain! Wow, my grandparents came from Asturias! Well, good night for now, we can continue talking tomorrow!
    @sweetschelene, I understand, I'm a mother too!
    @YaminoTensh, good luck with the exams!
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